How to Use and Create QR Codes: Creating QR Codes

This guide explains what QR codes are, their creation and use. The guide also provides examples of some unique applications for QR codes

Creating QR codes using Delivr

Using Delivr QR System to Generate QR Codes

1)    Go to


2)     Click “Sign In” and “Sign Up” – Establish a username and password, Sign Up

3)     Click on “Create New Code”

4)     Enter a valid URL in the box

5)     Click GO!

Delivr URL


6)     Your code will be generated

7)     Click on the code displayed and use it immediately!

8)     Click on the Dashboard link at the top

Delivr Dashboard

a.     Click Get Code icon to download the code

b.     See usage stats for each code

c.     Click  View Report to see geographic display of usage stats

Delivr Geo display

d.     Use the “pencil icon” to edit your code.  Can change URL.  Add notes

9)     QR Code options

a.     Click QR code icon on left

b.     Download with or without your username

c.     Use Advanced to adjust: URL, margin, scale, size and color

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