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University of Utah Library Guides

UAC Course and Discipline-Specific Research Education

This guide hosts videos to address specific research guidance in courses and disciplines, as well as explict assignments, at the Utah Asia Campus.

Welcome to your research journeys!

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This guide is meant to provide you--the student--with research guidance and direction that will contribute to the foundation of your whole education.  Research is a scaffolded skill, just like effective writing and communication, as well as like learning a language.

This guide will provide direction for specific course assignments, guidance on beginning to explore your major and interests as you learn more in order to develop as a well-versed, well-rounded person in your individual and personal life, education and career.

Should you have any questions for me--your UAC librarian--please send me an email, sign up for a Research Consultation right here. Choose "UAC Research Consultation" from the "Choose a Schedule" option.  You may sign up for up to an hour at a time, which will require two back-to-back 30-minute appointments. You may also drop by my office to see if I am available for immediate help.

Research is a journey and I will help you build and develop successful applications for research as part of your education.

Happy researching and learning!


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