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How to search the University of Utah Libraries' collections, access your library account and more

Basic Searching, Online Journals and Browse search

What materials are you searching in Usearch?

Usearch combines the catalogs of the Marriott, Faust, Eccles and McKay libraries, online articles, ebooks, digital collections into one search engine. 

You can limit searches to Local resources only, Articles only or Digital Collections using the dropdown.

All Resource: Books, ebooks, journals, audio/visual materials, articles and digital collections
Local Resources: Books, ebooks, journals, & audio/visual materials. no articles or digital collections
Articles: Articles only, no books, ebooks or digital collections
Digital Collections: Digital collections only, no books or ariticles

1. You can do basic keyword searches from the library home page.  Just type your search terms in the search box and press 'Go'. If you want to search Course Reserves materials, click the Course Reserves tab. 


2. Or go directly to Usearch by clicking "Search."

Tip: LOGGING IN right away will allow for a seamless experience requesting materials and viewing your e-shelf and library account information. Click the LOG IN link in the user panel and enter your uNID and password. When your name appears in the user panel, you know you're logged in.

University of Utah login screenshot


3. If you've kept the default of "All Resources" your initial search results will include books, A/V materials, articles, digital collections and more from the J. Willard Marriott, Eccles Health Sciences, Faust Law and McKay Music libraries.

Tip: You can always use the facets, to post filter for more focused results. 

search results for the term "Fashion"

Tip: You can sort your search results by relevance, date-newest, author and title by choosing your preference in the sorted by: drop-down menu located at the top of your search results list.

sort results


Tip: To refine your search results, use the facets on the left side of the screen. You will be able to facet your results by:  Resource Type, LocationCollection, SubjectCreation DateLanguageAuthor/Creator, and Classification


Tip: You can select or exclude many facets at one time by clicking "More options."
facet selection


Tip: If you have searched for "fashion" and only want to see physical materials available at the Marriott Library, you would choose: Show Only = "Available in the Library," Location = "Marriott Library." This will tailor your search results to only list physical materials at the Marriott Library.

location and availability selected

4. For full-text articles, e-books, digital collections and other items accessible online through Usearch, use the View it tab to preview the material. Use the "Open resource in a new window" or title link to view the full item in a new window.

Tip: In addition to saving items to your e-shelf you can also send items to a printer, email address, EndNote Basic, EasyBib, and more. 

Tip: You can use boolean logic in Usearch!

  • To search for a phrase, enter quotation marks around your search terms, e.g., “feminitst theory”

  • To search for any specified words or phrases, enter OR (all in upper case) between the words or phrases, e.g. poetry OR sonnet

  • To exclude words or phrases, enter NOT (all in upper case) followed by the word or phrase to exclude, e.g. orange NOT lemon

  • To group terms within a search, use parentheses around the terms, e.g. Millay (play OR sonnet)

Tip: You can use truncation & wildcards in Usearch!

  • To perform a single-character wildcard search, enter a ? in place of the character position that has more than one possibility, e.g. wom?n to search for woman, women, etc.

  • To perform a multiple-character wildcard search, enter a * in place of the characters that have multiple possibilities, e.g. cultur* to search for culture, cultural, culturally, etc.


Online Journals

Online Journals

You can also access to Online Journals from Usearch.

You can either browse alphabetically or use the search box to find Online Journals.

Browse Search & Virtual Browse

Browse Search & Virtual Browse

Browse Search! Browse search by subject, author, title, call number, Library of Congress call number, Dewey call number or NLM call number

4. Virtual Browse. Use the Virtual Browse tab where available to explore similar titles.

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