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Advanced Research in the Social Sciences
by Linda St.Clair - Last Updated Sep 10, 2014
Explore the comprehensive database in Electronic Dissertations & Theses. Review abstracts and citations in the Scopus and Web of Science databases. Peruse and discover titles from WorldCat database. Bring your topics and we will seek and find!
Alerts: Keeping Current in Your Discipline
by Linda St.Clair - Last Updated Jul 22, 2014
Alerts refer to notifications when something of interest to you has been published in a new journal issue or added to a database or website. Covers basic techniques for setting up alerts (a.k.a. current awareness services).
Annotated Bibliography Guide
by Ambra Gagliardi, Alison Regan - Last Updated May 14, 2010
An annotated bibliography is a descriptive and evaluative list of citations for books, articles, or other documents.
Art Appraisal
by Erika Church, Greg Hatch - Last Updated Sep 15, 2014
A guide to appraising works of art in Utah.
Arts and Humanities Funding
by Greg Hatch - Last Updated Nov 24, 2014
This guide suggests starting points for locating opportunities to receive grants and other financial support in the Arts and Humanities
ArtsForce: Careers in the Arts
by Greg Hatch - Last Updated Nov 8, 2014
Resources and ideas to apply the skills and experiences you gain with your Fine Arts degree toward a successful career.
Concept/Mind Mapping
by TJ Ferrill, Donna Ziegenfuss - Last Updated Jun 9, 2014
This library guide provides resources for the why and how of concept mapping.
Copyright for the Fine & Performing Arts
by Greg Hatch, Allyson Mower - Last Updated Nov 18, 2014
This guide gives faculty and students--as practitioners of the arts--a working knowledge of their rights and responsibilities when it comes to copyright, and the fair use of copyrighted materials and others' works of art.
Course Reserves
by Ian Godfrey, Tracy Medley - Last Updated Aug 6, 2013
Searching and filtering Course Reserves
eBook Collections Usage Guide
by Dave Heyborne - Last Updated Nov 10, 2014
A comprehensive guide to using the Marriott Library's ebook collections.
Employment and Career Services
by Alison Regan - Last Updated Feb 25, 2010
EndNote Basic and Desktop support
by Alfred Mowdood, Alison Regan, Lorelei Rutledge - Last Updated Nov 26, 2014
This guide describes how to access and use EndNote Basic, a citation management system, and gives a brief overview of the desktop versions of EndNote
Espresso Book Machine Searching and Ordering
by Ian Godfrey - Last Updated Jun 26, 2011
Can't find the book you are looking for? Search more than 3 million titles including 2 million Google Books and 1 million books available from more than 8,000 publishers. Get paperback books printed on demand within one hour.
Google Scholar
by Alfred Mowdood - Last Updated May 16, 2014
Graduate Student Services
by Linda St.Clair - Last Updated Dec 11, 2014
How to Archive and Showcase Research Posters in USpace
by Joni Clayton - Last Updated Jun 24, 2014
Research posters take time and money to create. Once your poster is presented, where does it go? Upload it to USpace. We'll preserve your poster and present it in a new virtual format.
How to Find Media in the Marriott Library
by Joni Clayton - Last Updated Jun 24, 2014
A How-to guide on finding audio or video materials in the Marriott Library collections.
How to Use and Create QR Codes
by Nancy Lombardo, Anne Morrow - Last Updated Jul 9, 2014
This guide explains what QR codes are, their creation and use. The guide also provides examples of some unique applications for QR codes
Images and Media for Research and Presentations
by Jessica Breiman, Erika Church - Last Updated Aug 20, 2014
This guide will help you find images and multimedia that will enhance research papers and presentations. Images aren't just for art students!
Industry Standards
by April Love - Last Updated Jan 16, 2012
by Alfred Mowdood, Jacob Reed, Erin Wimmer - Last Updated Dec 11, 2014
Interlibrary Loan
by Robin Reid, Rose-Marie Walton - Last Updated Aug 20, 2014
Legislative Information from the U.S. Congress & Utah Legislature
by Amy Brunvand - Last Updated Sep 4, 2014
Be an informed citizen! Find out about federal and Utah lawmakers.
Literature Reviews
by Alison Regan - Last Updated Jul 29, 2013
This guide helps patrons conduct literature reviews for theses, dissertations, or other research projects.
by Sarah LeMire, Adriana Parker, Lorelei Rutledge - Last Updated Aug 25, 2014
by Robert Behra, Dave Morrison - Last Updated Jul 31, 2014
Microsoft Publisher Basics
by Matt Irsik - Last Updated May 21, 2010
This guide will show you how to use Microsoft Publisher to help create a wide variety of desktop publishing projects. The guide discusses the layout, tools, and how to add content which can be used to make newsletters, brochures, and more.
Microsoft Word 2007 Basics
by Matt Irsik - Last Updated Dec 21, 2010
This guide explains the Microsoft Word 2007 program and describes how to navigate as well as use the basic features. The guide includes exercises that will enable the user to find the tools and features that have been either moved or changed from 2003.
New to the U?
by Linda St.Clair - Last Updated Aug 26, 2014
Whether you are a first year or a graduate student, this guides serves as an introduction to library services and research strategies.
Newspapers as a research tool
by Robert Behra, Amy Brunvand - Last Updated Aug 13, 2014
An introduction to using newspapers for research
by Darby Fanning - Last Updated Sep 2, 2014
This ResearchGuide is designed to be a tutorial and offer instruction on how to create a NoodleTools account and use the service.
NVivo Workshop Materials
by Donna Ziegenfuss - Last Updated Sep 23, 2014
This library guide will contain workshop resources for workshops
Permission Free Resources
by Allyson Mower - Last Updated Dec 9, 2014
by Greg Hatch - Last Updated Aug 11, 2014
Research Posters: Creating Posters Using MS Powerpoint
by Daureen Nesdill - Last Updated Aug 1, 2014
This guide has been developed to assist you with creating a research poster using MS Powerpoint.
Screencasting tools
by Lorelei Rutledge - Last Updated Jul 8, 2014
This article previews some of the screencasting tools supported at the University of Utah
SERIAL SET: Using The United States Serial Set in the Marriott Library
by Amy Brunvand, Dave Morrison - Last Updated Jul 23, 2014
A brief guide to using the U.S. Serial Set collections in the Marriott Library.
Style and Citation Manuals
by Alfred Mowdood - Last Updated Aug 11, 2014
Submitting Electronic Theses and Dissertations to USPACE and beyond
by Lisa Chaufty, Alfred Mowdood - Last Updated Sep 28, 2012
Everything you need to know about submitting a thesis or dissertation at the University of Utah
Technical Reports
by Amy Brunvand, Dave Morrison - Last Updated Sep 4, 2014
Technical reports are reports from academic departments, government agencies and corporations that describe projects, research and activities of the organization.
Test Preparation
by Robert Behra, Alison Regan - Last Updated Jul 14, 2012
by Ian Godfrey, Tracy Medley - Last Updated Dec 21, 2014
How to search the University of Utah Libraries' collections, access your library account and more
Ute Athletics in the Audio Visual Archives
by Jessica Breiman, Molly Rose Steed - Last Updated Aug 26, 2014
Guide to finding films and audio resources related to University of Utah athletics teams in the Audio Visual Archives.
by Alison Regan, Linda St.Clair, Donna Ziegenfuss - Last Updated Aug 8, 2012
Recognizing the critical nature of visual, information, and technology literacy to the foundation of a 21st century education, a VITL Task Force has been convened to explore and expand initiatives at the University of Utah...
Welcome to the University of Utah Open Research Policy Information Page
by Allyson Mower, Jean Shipman - Last Updated Nov 19, 2014
This guide provides a basic overview of open research and covers the practicalities of having an open research policy at the University of Utah
Writing a Prospectus
by Alison Regan - Last Updated Oct 17, 2013
Guide to Writing a Dissertation or Grant Application Prospectus.
Writing Research Papers
by Michael Noe - Last Updated Aug 4, 2014
by Sarah LeMire, Adriana Parker - Last Updated May 12, 2014
Canvas Resources
by Donna Ziegenfuss - Last Updated May 14, 2014
This Canvas library guide will point you to resources for using Canvas.
3D Printing Services
by Erika Church, TJ Ferrill, Mikio Moriyasu - Last Updated Dec 15, 2014
A brief overview of the Marriott Library's 3D Printing Services.
3D Scanning Services
by Erika Church, TJ Ferrill, Mikio Moriyasu - Last Updated Dec 2, 2014
A brief overview of the 3D scanner available for use in the Marriott Library Knowledge Commons

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