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Illustrated Dictionary of Speech-Language Pathology
Marriott Library, Level 1, RC 423 S533 2000
Covers the "vast expanse of multifaceted disciplines that now constitute Communication Sciences and Disorders." Short definitions and some drawings, charts, tables, and photographs. Appendixes include: A) Abbreviations, acronyms, and initializations; B) The International Phonetic Alphabet; C) List of illustrations; D) A poor man's tour of physical quantities and units.

Singular's Illustrated Dictionary of Audiology
Marriott Library, Level 1, RF 290 .M464 1999
"Provides comprehensive coverage of over 4,500 terms in the field of audiology and related areas...Terms are defined completely and concisely to provide the reader with sufficient detail for a general overview of the term or topic of interest. In addition, extensive cross-references are included throughout the text to guide the reader to other vocabulary that may be related in some way to the specific item of interest."

Dictionary of Communication Disorders
Marriott Library, Level 1, RC 423 M597 2005
For students and practitioners, this is a British publication which covers "terms used in Speech and Language Therapy and its allied subjects." Appendixes include a list of tests and assessments; an outline of speech and language development; the International Phonetic Alphabet; and names and addresses of suppliers of products listed in the dictionary.

Terminology of Communication Disorders: Speech-Language-Hearing
Marriott Library, Level 1, RC 423 N52 2004
"An authoritative reference work for the Speech, Language, and hearing professions…Users are encouraged to use the 'Explanatory Notes' section, a thorough understanding of which will be rewarded not only by time saved but also by the amount of information obtained." Includes 15 appendixes, including several developmental sequences, various tests and procedures, and other useful overviews and lists.

Dictionary of Hearing
Marriott Library, Level 1, QP 461 M375 1999
Includes " a wide range of terms that are in general use in the current literature on hearing and related topics. A selection of previously used but now outdated terms is also included, to assist in the interpretation of earlier literature." An appendix lists standards relevant to hearing and acoustics.

An Encyclopedic Dictionary of Language and Languages
General Collection, Level 2, P 29 C68 1992
"Focuses on the more popular and relevant concepts to do with language...[and] several basic theoretical notions [of linguistics], the names of the chief linguistic branches, models, and theories, and the essential descriptive terms in phonetics."

Routledge Dictionary of language and Linguistics
General Collection, Level 2, P 29 B875 1996
"Provides a through overview of all areas of linguistics…With this broad range of content and its succinctly written articles, this dictionary is meant for both students and professional scholars in linguistics and allied fields."

Dictionary of Worldwide Gestures
General Collection, Level 2, PN 4165 P37 1997
The main body of this dictionary lists gestures by the part of the body involved in the gesture e.g., abdomen, finger, head, etc. Entries include a description of the gesture and references to resources (all listed with complete citations in the bibliography) which refer to the gesture. Gestures can also be located by what they signify in the Index of Significances and by country or culture in the Index of Countries and People.


The Encyclopedia of Deafness and Hearing Disorders
Science, Level 1, RF 290 T93 2000
"Entries include all facets of deafness and hearing disorders: physiology of the ear, experts in education, science, linguistics and communication, famous deaf people, brief outlines of deaf culture in foreign countries, and more. All entries are cross-referenced to related subjects. " Includes an extensive bibliography and "comprehensive appendixes that reflect the diverse range of organizations and support services available to deaf and hard-of-hearing people."

Gallaudet Encyclopedia of Deaf People and Deafness
General Collection, Level 2, HV 2365 G35 1987
"This Encyclopedia combines two different categories of analysis and information. These [three] volumes pertain both to an identifiable group of people, those with hearing impairments, and to a physical attribute, deafness. The information herein has been selected from studies in the sciences, the social sciences , and the humanities. Fields as methodologically disparate as otolaryngology and art have contributed, thus creating a comprehensive work useful to generalists and to specialists in many endeavors." Entries are of various lengths, from one to several pages, and all include bibliographies. Volume three includes an index to the three volumes.

The MIT Encyclopedia of Cognitive Science
Electronic Book Format
This resource is available to University of Utah users only
General Collection, Level 2, BF 311 .M556 1999
"[For] researchers working in different traditions across a variety of fields in cognitive science...It is a landmark, comprehensive reference work that represents the methodological and theoretical diversity of the cognitive sciences." Includes "introductory essays corresponding to each of the six sections that MITECS is divided into" and "471 concise articles, from ACQUISITION, FORMAL THEORIES OF and ADAPTATION AND ADAPTATIONISM to WUNDT and X-BAR THEORY...Each [article] also provides a list of references and suggestions for further readings for the interested reader to learn more about the latest research on the topic."

The Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics
General Collection, Level 2, P 29 E48 1994
The scope of this 10 volume set is comprehensive and international, and it is designed to "be of use to teachers and students not only in linguistics but also in a wide range of related areas". Articles are several pages long and each includes a bibliography. Volume 10 includes a glossary, useful lists, and both a name and subject index to volumes 1-9.

Concise Encyclopedia of Educational Linguistics
General Collection, Level 2, P 40.8 C66 1999
Covers the field of educational linguistics. Two to three page articles with bibliographies.

Encyclopedia of Special Education: A Reference for the Education of the Handicapped and Other Exceptional Children and Adults
General Collection, Level 2, LC 4007 E53 2000
"Intended as a primary reference for many disciplines and professions concerned with the education of exceptional children and with their special characteristics, needs, and problems." Entries vary in length from a short paragraph to several pages. Most include bibliographies.

Encyclopedia of Neuroscience
Science, Level 1, RC 334 E53 1999
"An authoritative source of information for all areas of neuroscience, basic as well as clinical. [This two volume set] consists of more than 800 alphabetically arranged articles, each written by one or more experts...Traditional indexes provide access to detailed information in the papers." Articles generally range from two to five pages in length and include references and further reading lists.

Encyclopedia of Acoustics
Science, Level 1, QC 221.5 E53 1997
This four volume set provides a comprehensive treatment of acoustics. There are 18 parts, each "covering different clearly defined areas" and each beginning with an introductory essay. Part XIII in Volume Four covers speech communication. Long articles with references. An index at the end of Volume Four provides access to specific topics.

American Sign Language

Random House Webster's American Sign Language Dictionary
General Collection, Level 2, HV 2465 C66 1998
"Offers a comprehensive and up-to-date treasury of signs, faithfully recording their formation and usage. In addition…this book features signs from an expanding technical vocabulary and new signs for countries of the world reflecting the way natives of those countries refer to themselves." Entries include a definition, instructions for making the sign, and, in most cases, an illustration of the sign.

The American Sign Language Handshape Dictionary
Electronic book format
This resource is available to University of Utah users only
General Collection, Level 2, HV 2475 T46 1998
"[This dictionary]departs from most sign language dictionaries in that it is organized by the various shapes of the hands used to form signs rather than in English alphabetical word order. This unique format allows users to search for a sign that they recognize but whose meaning they have forgotten or for the meaning of a new sign they have seen for the very first time...The Index of English Glosses provides an English to American Sign Language (ASL) listing of all the signs in the book so that new signers can look up a word in English to learn the conceptually correct sign to use to express a specific idea."

NTC's Multilingual Dictionary of American Sign Language
General Collection, Level 2, HV 2475 P76 1995
Listed alphabetically by English word, entries include the Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish word and the appropriate representation of the word in American Sign Language. Includes and indexes for each language listed above.

Random House Webster's American Sign Language Medical Dictionary
General Collection, Level 2, HV 2475 C663 2000
"[This volume] was created to help the Deaf and hearing communities cope with a real and widespread communication gap between deaf patients and hearing health-care professionals...It features over 1,000 signs--defined and described--that are commonly used for essential medical terns, with each sign illustrated with a full-torso line drawing."


Assessment in Speech Language Pathology: A Resource Manual
Science, Level 1, RC 423 S49 2016
"The purpose of [this volume] is to provide students and professionals with a wide variety of information, materials, and procedures for use in the assessment of communicative disorders. The Resource Manual is a practical collection of resource materials applicable to a variety of assessment and diagnostic activities.

Directory of Speech-Language Pathology Assessment Instruments
Science, Level 1, RC 423 D55 1998
"The purpose of this directory is to provide speech-language pathologists with a comprehensive reference of assessment tools used to evaluate the speech and language abilities of individuals across the life span."


A Color Atlas of Otorhinolaryngology
Science, Level 1, RF 81 C66 1995
"The majority of the photographs in this atlas were taken with the Karl Storz state-of-the-art photographic equipment..." Covers the ear, the nose, the oral cavity, the larynx, the trachea, and the head and neck.

Histological Color Atlas of the Human Larynx
Science, Level 1, QM 331 H57 1993
"Presents the anatomical structure of human larynges by demonstrating whole-organ histological sections. Sagittal, horizontal, and coronal sections of adult and newborn larynges are shown in color photographs. This book is designed to facilitate close and precise understanding of the special relationships of component parts of the larynx to one another as well as that of the structure of each component."


ASHA Desk Reference
Science, Level 1, RC 423 A46 A84 1997
"The ASHA Desk Reference is published by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association to advance high quality standards and practice for the professions of audiology and speech-language pathology and to support members of these professions and the services they provide...[A]llows quick access to the cardinal documents, position statements, guidelines, definitions, technical reports, and relevant papers that describe standards and preferred practice in education, training, ethics, clinical practice, and administration in these professions." Volume 1--Cardinal Documents of the Association; Volume 2--Audiology; Volume 3--Speech-language Pathology; Volume 4--Audiology and Speech-language Pathology.

Audiologists Desk Reference
Science, Level 1, RF 294 H32 1997
Covers the broad scope of clinical audiology. Volume I--Diagonstic Audiology Principles, Procedures, and Practices; Volume II--Audiologic Management, Rehabilitation, and Terminology. Each volume includes an index to specific subjects in that volume.

The Effects of Drugs on Communication Disorders
Science, Level 1, RC 423 V644 2000
"An overview of how drugs work; which drugs may be prescribed for which disorders; and how specific drugs may improve communication or, in some instances, make it worse."

The Handbook of Hearing and the Effects of Noise: Physiology, Psychology, and Public Health
Science, Level 1, QP 82.2 N6 K798 1994
"Presents the methods and the results of research for quantitatively describing the major attributes of hearing and the effects of sound and noise on people. This book is intended for students, researchers, and professionals in the fields of experimental psychology, physiology, audiology, otolaryngology, and public health."

Research Guide

Clinical Research in Communicative Disorders: Principals and Strategies
Science, Level 1, RC 429 H43 1994
Covers the basic concepts of science and scientific methods; clinical research methods; the philosophy of research; doing, writing , reporting, and evaluating research; and the ethics of research.

Style Manuals

Report Writing in the Field of Communication Disorders: A Handbook for Students and Clinicians.
Science, Level 1, R 119 K57 1992
"It is the purpose of this handbook to provide basic information on report writing that will be sufficiently flexible to be of practical value to students and professionals alike, regardless of the nature of their training or type of job setting."

Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association
Latest edition at the Knowledge Commons Reference Desk, Level 2, BF76.7 P83 2010
The APA style guide for preparing papers, bibliographies, etc.

Online Resources:
APA Writing Style Guide, U of U Libraries
Basic information on APA style for citations, Purdue University
Citing electronic formats, APA

Standardized Tests

Aphasia Diagnostic Profiles / Nancy Helm-Estabrooks.
Special Collections, Level 4, RC 425 .H44 1992

Assessment of Intelligibility of Dysarthric Speech / Kathryn M. Yorkston, David R. Beukelman.
Special Collections, Level 4, RC 424.7 .Y66 1984

Bankson-Bernthal Test of Phonology / Nicholas W. Bankson and John E. Bernthal.
Special Collections, Level 4, RJ 496 .S7 B36 1990

BEST-2: Bedside Evaluation Screening Test / Joyce F. West ... [et al.]
Special Collections, Level 4, RC 425 .B2 1998

Boston Aphasia Assessment Kit
Special Collections, Level 4RJ 496 .S7 B67 1983

BTHI: Brief Test of Head Injury / Nancy Helm-Estabrooks, Gillian Hotz.
Special Collections, Level 4, RD 521 .H5 1991

CADL-2: Communication Activities of Daily Living / Audrey Holland ... [et al.]
Special Collections, Level 4, RC 425 .C342 1999

Children's Acquired Aphasia Screening Test / Renata Whurr, Sarah Evans.
Special Collections, Level 4, RJ 496 .A6 W48 1998

Functional Assessment of Communication Skills for Adults (ASHA FACS) / Carol M. Frattali ... [et al.].
Special Collections, Level 4, RC 423 .F825 1995

Goldman Fristoe 2 Test of Articulation / Ronald Goldman, Macalyne Fristoe.
Special Collections, Level 4, RJ 496 .S7 G59 2000

The LAC Test: Lindamood Auditory Conceptualization Test / Charles H. Lindamood, Patricia C. Lindamood.
Special Collections, Level 4, QP 461 .L55 1979

PALPA: Psycholinguistic Assessments of Language Processing in Aphasia / Janice Kay, Ruth Lesser & Max Coltheart.
Special Collections, Level 4, RC 425 .K39 1992

RCBA: Reading Comprehension Battery for Aphasia / Leonard L. LaPointe, Jennifer Horner.
Special Collections, Level 4, RC 425 .L36 1998

SIB-R: Scales of Independent Behavior--Revised / Robert Bruininks ... [et al.].
Special Collections, Level 4, RJ 506.P68 S2 1996

Woodcock Language Proficiency Battery: English form / Richard W. Woodcock.
Special Collections, Level 4, LB3060.3 .W66 1984

Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Cognitive Ability: Standard and Supplementary Batteries / Richard W. Woodcock, M. Bonner Johnson.
Special Collections, Level 4, LC3965 .W36 1989

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