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Communication Sciences & Disorders

Finding ASHA journal articles

The Marriott Library has holding for the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association journals in both online and print formats. Look below to see how to find journal articles from these journals.

1. First, go to the library homepage at and click on the Advanced Search button underneath the main search box

2. Use the dropdown menu on the Advanced Search page to select a title search and enter the name of the journal you want to find, then click the search button.

3. Search for the correct item in the search results. I am searching for the American Journal of Speech Language Pathology. Even though the green dot beneath the title information tells me this is online, I am going to click on the Show all editions and formats button to learn more.

4. Now I see results for both the online and print formats of the journal. I am going to click on the View It link to see the library's online holdings.

5. Here, I can see the three databases that the library has access to that have holdings for the American Journal of Speech Language Pathology, I see that the earliest volume we have is 2001 through EBSCOhost, so I can go ahead and click on that link.

6. Now, I can see the journal page in EBSCO, along with links to each of the journal volumes and issues along the right side of the screen. I am going to look for an article in issue 4 of volume 19, so I will click there.

7. Next, I scan the search results and find the article I want. If I already know I want it, I can click on the PDF full text button at the bottom of the record to download it.

8. . Otherwise, I can click on the title for more information. For instance, I can see an abstract. Along the right side of the screen are some options. For instance, I can email the article to myself, or I can click on the Export button to export this record to a citation management system, like EndNote Web.

9. If the article I want is from earlier than 2001, the date that we have electronic coverage of this particular journal, I can go back to the library catalog results and click on the Get It button beneath the second entry, which shows print holdings. I know this is print because instead of saying Available Online, it says Available at Marriott Library.


10. Once I click the get it button, I will be prompted to Log in to view Request options and will log in with my uNID password.

11. Now, I will see a list of the available volumes, along with a blue request button next to each. Click on the request button next to the appropriate volume.

12. You will be instructed to fill in the pickup location, which should be Marriott Library, and the date after which you no longer want the item. Then, hit the orange request button. The pickup location at Marriott Library will be the Marriott Library Reserve Desk, which is on the second floor right above Mom's Cafe. It takes about 15 minutes to request a bound journal.


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