Education: Library and Research Resources

This Education Subject Guide contains general library, information literacy and library research information for the College of Education. It also links to more specific information on College of Education departments.

Begin by Going Broad

It is best to begin your research by going broad and exploring the scholarly conversation around your topic instead of going in to close. You can use Google Scholar, Usearch the library catalog, and books. Links on this page will get you started.

Searching and Keywords

  1. Choose keyword or subject (thesaurus) or try both methods.
  2. Use Boolean connectors: AND, OR, NOT
  3. Identify the type of information you discovered:(it is an article, book, chapter, or book review) in order to select the appropriate resource.
  4. Record the information about the resource for your Works Cited. For a tutorial on how to use Endnote Web, click here.

Google Scholar

Scholar has the ease of Google but limits a search to more scholarly resources. It can be linked to the library databases so that you can discover resources we have at the U of U library directly from within Google Scholar while also discovering government reports, documents from Europe, Asia and Australia as well. To link Google Scholar to our Marriott Library resources, to EndNote and to your own Library:

1. Click on the Settings link (wheel) at the top of the page.

2. When in Search Results (first item on the left navigation menu) Select EndNote for the Show Links to Import Citations list under Bibliography Manager. Now the Import to Endnote Link will appear under each source.

3. Click on Library Links on the left navigation and type University of Utah to the search box and search, then select the Get it at the UU option, and click save Button. These settings will stay on your computer until you clean out your cache. Now you will see the Get at the UU link on the right side of the source if Utah has that in any of our databases.

4. After you search you will see a new left hand navigation menu appear.

  • You can limit by year
  • You can click the save link and make a list of sources in own library if logged into Google
  • Sort by date or relevance

5. Now do a search using keywords to find scholarly articles. You will see under the search item listing, cited by #, related articles these may also be possible articles to check out. Take note of journal names, keywords, author names, you can use those to limit by when searching later

The Get it at the UU link that appears to the right of the sources will take you directly into the library database. This is helpful if you are not sure what database to use.



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Usearch: The Library Catalog

Usearch (Library Catalog)
Lists items, inclucing online books and journal articles, accessible through UU Libraries as well as journals, magazines and newspapers the U libraries subscribe to. Identifies the location of a book and indicates whether or not the book is checked out. For access to the full text of online books and articles, see Off Campus Access Information.

Use USearch to:

  • Find books, both print and electronic, government documents, audio-visual materials, manuscripts, maps, software and electronic media.
  • FInd articles from a FEW of the Marriott Library's research databases.
  • Find the titles of journals or magazines libraries subscribe to, but not individual articles within each magazine or journal.
  • Search by author, title, subject, keywords, date, or ISBN/ISSN.

When you use Usearch, look to the left panel of the screen and you will see the many ways to limit your search. Some of the most useful limits might be Peer-reviewed Journals listed in the Show Only category at the top and the various choices under Subject and Creation Date. 

It is important to remember that for a more comprehensive article search with advanced searching capability, you should use the article databases tab within this guide. Usearch will search all of the library books and e-books, and other library resources such as videos, government documents but NOT all of the databases.

A combined catalog of over 14,000 libraries from around the world listing over 40,000,000 items. You can place an Interlibrary Loan request for items found in other libraries while online. The book will be sent here while articles will be sent directly to you in an email.


The following are collections of e-books accessible through Usearch, the UU Libraries Catalog. To access all e-books it is recommended that you use Usearch. The collections listed below will get you started, but they are not comprehensive.

Marriott Library Eccles Library Quinney Law Library