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Collections of Personal/Professional Papers

The collections of personal or professional papers we have on microfilm include:

From the American Federation of Labor, Letterpress Copybooks of Samuel Gompers and William Green, Presidents 1888-1925.  About 172,000 letters, predominantly by Samuel Gompers (1887-1924) and his successor William Green (1925).  Each volume has a separate name index.

The Carter Family Papers, 1659-1797, in the Sabine Hall Collection.  Consists primarily of the diaries of Landon Carter and Robert Wormeley Carter.  Printed guide.

The Lee Family Papers, 1742-1795.  Personal, diplomatic, political and commercial correspondence of this Virginia family.  Printed guide.

Major James McLaughlin Papers.  James McLaughlin (1842-1923) was the United States Indian Service Agent at the Devils Lake Agency (1876-1881) and Standing Rock Sioux Agency (1881-1895), and then an Indian Inspector for the Office of Indian Affairs.  The collections includes about 30,000 pages, including letter-press books, loose letters and papers, dating between 1855 and 1937.  One reel is devoted to the 1913 Expedition of Citizenship sponsored by Rodman Wanamaker.  Index on reels 38 and 39.  Printed guide.

Microfilm Edition of the Papers of Daniel Webster.  General correspondence, miscellaneous documents, business papers, Congressional papers (both Senate and House of Representatives), State Department papers, and papers in other parts of the government.  Printed guide.

The Papers of Albert Gallatin, 1761-1849.  Printed guide.

The Papers of R. M. T. Hunter, 1817-1887.  Printed guide.

The Thomas Penn Papers, 1729-1832, at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania.  Printed guide.

When there is a printed guide it can be found in the Microforms Reference Collection.



Joseph Sabin's Bibliotheca Americana : A Dictionary of Books Relating to America, from its Discovery to the Present Time was an enormous undertaking for a single author, given that his scope was nothing less than "everything dealing with the political, governmental, military, economic, social and religious history of the Western Hemisphere from the discovery of the New World" until his own time.  He began gathering information for it around 1851 and began publishing it in parts in 1867.  By his death in 1881 he had published 13 volumes, containing over 57,000 entries and reaching through the letter O.  Fortunately, his work was carried on by others equally dedicated to his vision (though hampered by inadequate funding), and it was finally completed in 1936.  In total there are over 106,000 entries, probably representing over 250,000 publications.

In the 1960s Lost Cause Press began a project (now being continued by Gale) to make the individual items listed in Sabin's bibliography available on microfiche, initially using the collections of the Library of Congress, and later those of the Huntington Library in San Marino, California.  The Marriott Library has an incomplete set of the Sabin microfiche, and an online subscription that covers Sabin titles issued beginning in 2006 (go to Sabin Americana in the list of the library's Article Databases).  Be sure to check this online source first.  If you need a Sabin title that can't be found through our subscription or in our collection, we will gladly order it in microfiche (contact Robert Behra for help). 

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