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LEAP 1100 (Sections (1, 3 ,4, 7 & 8) Dr. Ownby & Dr. Wood: Reserve Materials

LEAP Librarians are Brandon Patterson, Lorelei Rutledge, & Alfred Mowdood

E-Books Available

Reserve Materials

Asian American communities and health: Context, research, policy, and action
Edited by Chau Trinh-Shevrin, Nadia Shilpi Islam, and Mariano Jose Rey
San Francisco, CA : Jossey-Bass, c2009.
Marriott Library Reserve 2nd Floor       RA448.5.A83 A855 2009

Cardiovascular disease in racial and ethnic minorities

 Cross-cultural medicine
Edited by Judyann Bigby
Marriott Library Reserve 2nd Floor    RA418.5 T73 C765 2003
20+ page chapters on various population including: Blacks and African Americans, Latinos, American Indians and Alaska Natives, Asian Americans, Arab Americans and American Muslims.  Includes chapters on caring for immigrants and religion and spirituality in health care.  Sub-titles in each chapter may cover: traditional healing practices and biomedical treatments, disease causation, diet, health issues, gender roles and reproductive health, etc.

Eliminating healthcare disparities in America: Beyond the IOM report

Marriott Library Reserve 2nd Floor   RA563.M56 E45 2007

Handbook of African American health

 Health issues in the Latino community
Marriott Library Reserve 2nd Floor RA448.5.H57 H395 2001

Health of refugees: Public health perspectives from crisis to settlement
(Australian perspective)
Marriott Library Reserve 2nd Floor   RA564.9.R43 H43 2003

Immigrant women's health: Problems and solutions
Marriott Library Reserve 2nd Floor       RA448.5.I44 I44 1999

Medicine that walks: Disease, medicine and Canadian Plains native people, 1880-194
Marriott Library Reserve 2nd Floor  RA448.5.I5 L89 2001

Americans & health: Sana! sana!
Marriott Library Reserve 2nd Floor RA448.5.M4 T67 2001

Multicultural health
Lois Ritter
Marriott Library Reserve 2nd Floor      RA418.5.T73 R58 2010
Includes chapters on: Hispanic and Latino American populations, American Indians and Alaska native populations, African Americans populations, Asian American and Pacific Islander populations, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) individuals.

Praeger handbook of Asian American health:Taking notice and taking action
Edited by William B. Bateman, Noilyn Abesamis-Mendoza,  and Henrietta Ho-Asjoe.  (Two volumes)
Marriott Library Reserve 2nd Floor       RA448.5.A83 P73 2009

and medicine in nineteenth and early twentieth-century America

Marriott Library Reserve 2nd Floor  RA448.5.N4 S28 2007
Medical care for African Americans after the Civil War.

Refugee and immigrant health
Marriott Library Reserve 2nd Floor   RA 418.5 T73 K45 2004
Brief 10 page chapters on a variety of populations including:Bosnia, Burma, Egypt, Laos, Mexico, Sudan, and VietnamEach chapter provides a brief introduction and  sections on religion, health beliefs and practices, and health problems and screening. May include sections on end of life and pregnancy and childbirth.

Tackling health inequities through public health practice: Theory to action
Marriott Library Reserve 2nd Floor   RA418.3.U6 T33 2010

Transcultural nursing

Marriott Library Reserve 2nd Floor      RT86.54 L44 2002
From a nursing perspective, each 10+ page chapter has sections on: cultural values, social structure, health, illness, and care beliefs and practices. Populations covered include: Arab Muslims, African Americans, Philippine Americans, Taiwanese Americans, Native Americans, Mexican Americans, etc.

Transcultural nursing: Assessment and intervention
Marriott Library Reserve 2nd Floor      RT86.54 T73 2008
From a nursing perspective, 20+ page chapters have sections on communication, social organization, space, time, environmental control, and biological variations. Populations covered include: Mexican Americans, African Americans, Navajos, Chinese Americans, East Indian Hindu Americans, Vietnamese Americas, Afghans and Afghan Americans, and America Eskimos (Yup' ik and Inupiat).

Under the rattlesnake: Cherokee health and resiliency
Marriott Library Reserve 2nd Floor   RA448.5 I5U523 2009

U.S.-Mexico border health: Issues for regional and migrant populations

Marriott Library Reserve 2nd Floor    RA446.5.M49 U8 1998

White man's medicine: Government doctors and the Navajo, 1863-1955
Marriott Library Reserve 2nd Floor   RA448.5.I5 T73 1998

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