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University of Utah Library Guides

LEAP 1100 (Sections 1, 3 ,4, & 6-9) Professors' Borup, Ownby & Wood: JSTOR

LEAP Librarians are Brandon Patterson, Lorelei Rutledge, & Alfred Mowdood

Searching using JSTOR

JSTOR is a full-text database that covers a variety of humanities and social science topics.
 To search JSTOR:

1. Go to the library homepage at Click on the Research Databases tab above the search box and choose J from the alphabetic menu below.

2. Scroll down to JSTOR and click on the red title link.

3. Click on the blue Advanced Search link under the main search box on the JSTOR search page

4. Enter your search terms and use the limiters on the bottom of the page to narrow your search by material type (articles) and date (past ten years). Click the search button to begin your search.

5. You should have a list of results. If you do not get any results, try experimenting with different search terms. From the search results page, you can read the title of the article and also download a PDF copy if you wish.

6. If you click on the title, you will see more information about the article, including a copy of the first page. Click on the blue download PDF button on the upper right part of the screen to download and save a copy of the article.


Downloading JSTOR citations to EndNote Basic

To add citations from JSTOR to EndNote Basic, follow these steps.

1. Click on the title of the article you want to download in your search results. Then, click on the blue Citation Tools button on the upper right part of the page.

2. Choose the RIS file option

3.  Save the .ris file on your Desktop or in another place where you can easily find it.

4. Go into your EndNote Basic account. Click on the Collect tab and choose Import References. Browse and find the file you saved. Choose RefMan RIS as your import option and select the group where you want to import the citation. Click the blue Import button at the bottom of the screen.

5. If your import succeeded, you will receive a confirmation that looks similar to the one below

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