FCS 6901 Thesis Development Seminar: Google Scholar

Using Google Scholar

Google Scholar works similarly to the Google that we all know and love, but limits the results to scholarly items. If you follow the set up instructions, you can also access many full-text items through Google.

1. Go to the library homepage at lib.utah.edu and log in in the upper right corner by clicking on the green Off Campus Access box and logging in with you uNID and password.

2. Click on the Research Databases Tab above the search box.

3. Click on the letter G for Google Scholar

4. Scroll down to Google Scholar and click on the red title link

5 If you have a google account, sign in in the upper left corner so that you can save your settings..


6.  Click on the settings button in the upper right corner to set your setting preferences.

6. At the bottom of the page under the Bibliographic Manager heading, click on the dropdown next to "Show links to import into. . ." and choose EndNote and then click save.


7. Reopen you Settings options and click on the Library Links button. Search for the University of Utah and click on the checkboxes next to both of the University of Utah options. Click save.

8. Now, whenever you log in to the library homepage at then into Google Scholar, these settings will be available. To search in Google Scholar, use keyword searches. The asterisk * truncates words. For example, searching for educ* will bring back items with the words educate, educated, and education.. Using AND between words tells the search engine to find all of the words in every result, while OR tells it to find any of the words in every result. Parenthesis allow you to combine multiple AND and OR statement.

9. Use the limiters on the left side of the page to narrow down the results to the last ten years or whatever custom range you prefer.

10. If the item says "Book" next to the title, search for the title in the library catalog.

11. If the item has a Get It@UU link or a PDF button, click there to get the full text.

12. Even if you don't see this button, click on the article title because there may be a full text link available.

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