FCS 6901 Thesis Development Seminar: ProQuest

Downloading Citations from ProQuest Databases

a. Do the search in a ProQuest Database.  Check the box next to the items you want and click "Save".  (Note that in order to import into Endnote, you must save an RIS file rather than selecting the "Cite" option.)
save citation in proquest

b. Choose "RIS" from the dropdown menu.

c. Click "Continue" on the next menu.

c. Log in to your EndNote Basic Account. Hover over the gray "Collect" tab and choose "Import References".


d. Choose the file that you just saved. Make sure that you choose "Proquest" under the Import Filter option. Choose which group you want to import into under the "To:" dropdown menu, and then click "Import".

e. If the import is successful, the screen will tell you that one item has been imported into your group.

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