FCS 6901 Thesis Development Seminar: Downloading citations from the library catalog

Adding citations from the library catalog

  1. Go to the Marriott Library page at lib.utah.edu
  2. Enter your search terms in the search box and run the search
  3. Click on the record for the item you would like to add to EndNote Basic
  4. Click on the blue Details link under the item record.

  1. Click on the red Actions link on the right side of the page and choose EndNote Basic from the dropdown menu

        6.A window will open prompting you to log in if you have not already; if you have logged in, you should see another window open verifying that the import occurred.

7. If you are choosing to export citations to EndNote X7, choose the RefMan RIS download option 

8. Then go to File, Choose Import >File and select the file. 

9. Then, select the RIS file you downloaded, choose the RIS import manager, and import the citation.

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