Educational Psychology 3030: Identifying Journals

The goals of this course are to engage students in studying and understanding research in education, and how research can be used to inform and improve educational practice.


To access the following journals, go to the Marriott Library Catalog, Usearch. Type the journal name in the search box. Once you identify the journal, notice that some journals have only online access (View Resource) while some journals have online access as well as print volumes (look at Location). Be sure to look at both the online subscription as well as the print option to get a comprehensive view of the available volumes.

 Use the Library Catalog to identify additional scholarly (print or online) journals by following this process:

  1. Type in the name of the journal in the search box.
  2. Once identified as being in the library, check to see if the journal volume is available online. Click on the View Resource. Note: Not all online journals include every volume that has been published.
  3. If the journal volume is not available online, click the Location & Requests icon.
  4. Identify the volume and click on "You must be logged in to request. " Log on with your UNID and Password to make an ARC request.

For here for more information about using the ARC (Automated Retrieval Center).


Selected Journals in Educational Psychology

Advances in Instructional Psychology (print only) ARC LB1051 .A3176

American Educational Research Journal (print and online)

Canadian Journal of School Psychology (online)

Child Development (print and online)

Cognition and Instruction (print and online)

Contemporary Educational Psychology (print and online)

Early Childhood Research Quarterly (print and online)

Journal of Experimental Education (print and online)

Journal of Educational Psychology (print and online)

Educational and Psychological Measurement (print and online)

Educational Psychologist (print and online)

Educational Psychology (print and online)

Educational Psychology in Practice (online)

Educational Psychology in Review (print and online)

Educational Research Review (print and online)

Elementary School Journal (print and online)

Gifted Child Quarterly (print and online)

Instructional Science (print and online)

Intelligence (print and online)

Journal of Behavioral Education (print and online)

Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics (print and online)

Journal of Educational Measurement (print and online)

Journal of Instructional Psychology (print and online)

Journal of Learning Disabilities (print and online)

Journal of Research in Reading (online)

Learning and Instruction (print and online)

Learning Disability Quarterly (print and online)

Psychology in the Schools (print and online)

Reading Research Quarterly (print and online)

Research for Educational Reform (print)

Scientific Studies of Reading (print and online)

Social Psychology of Education (online)

School Psychology International (online)

School Psychology Review (online)

Note that accessing Education Week Online is a great way to keep up-to-date on important issues.


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