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Engineering-LEAP | Dale Larsen: Cultural Identity

Identity Discussion (for better or for worse)

Not attributed or properly cited, but from:,
Web. 6. Mar, 2013.

In a crowd of people, no two will have the same identity, but how do we describe it -more importantly, how do people describe themselves?  When we do cultural research, we avoid bias, stereotypes and prejudicial thinking by intentionally including the voices of the culture themselves.



ProQuest Newsstand (newspapers)

Many many newspapers in the current era are represented here from all over the United States (and some world papers too).  This is a great place to find a very local geographic regional paper.

Historic Newspapers 
A very long view from a particular city paper -these are great for finding historical information like emigration, politics and voices of cultural identities.
New York Times (1851-2012)
Los Angeles Times (1881-1992)
San Francisco Chronicle (1869-current)
Utah Digital Newspapers

In a newspaper, a direct quote from someone who self-identitifes with your group
IDEA TO TRY: do a search -in the search results facets (down the left hand side) look for "document type" and select interview -this way you can find similar quotes like the one below...

An example of a great local quote:

Huynh -- who changed his name to Tom Vial Huynh -- believes in working hard and seizing opportunities.

"I want to be a very good citizen, not a burden to people here," he said. "The first day, I came here. The second day, I went to work right away."

Manson, Pamela. "New West Valley City Councilman Traveled a Long Road to Public Office." The Salt Lake Tribune: n/a. ProQuest Newsstand. Nov 18 2011. Web. 1 Feb. 2012.


Library Catalog (E-Books Only)
IDEA TO TRY: do a search -in the search results facets (down the left hand side), select "books" and then select "Full Text Online" -once you find a book, go directly to the table of contents to look for a suitable chapter to start out with -rather than trying to browse the entire book, which would take a lot of time.

Quick, show me e-books!

I just want E-Books -how, how, how do I do it?

Free Online Resources

What credible stuff is out there on the web?  Lots!

Other digitized newspaper collections to search:

California Digital Newspapers
Kansas Digital Newspapers
Or try a city specifically associated with the cultural group you are researching (i.e. Hmong and Minnesota, Sudanese and Salt Lake)

the following are good keywords to finding cultural voices and communities online:

group and society
group and newspaper (or just news)
group and chapter
group and convention
group and club
group and organization(s)



P: What is the purpose of the information you find?  To entertain, to persuade?  "To Inform" is best

A: Who is the author -Are they credible, authoritative (are they from that group, for example)?

D: Date: if the information isn't recent -is that a problem?

R: Relevance: does what you find work for what you want to say -or is it just eye/ear candy that makes a great filler?

E: Editorial: is this just one voice speaking out (and it is ok if it is) -or does the information properly represent a much larger group and speaks on their behalf?

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