Audio-Visual Archive: Copies & Donations

Specializing in unique moving image and sound collections from Utah and the West

Contact Us

For more information about the AV archive or access to our collection don't hesitate to contact us directly:

Molly Rose Steed                        Moving Image and Sound Archivist

Jessica Breiman                                    Audio-Visual Assistant

Phone                                        (801) 585-6200

Copying Materials

The AV archive will provide donors with DVD or CD copies of items donated to the archive free of charge.

However, we do not provide copies of personal items that are not being donated.  Feel free to contact us so we can help you find a commercial service.

Using the Collection

Audio-visual items are available for research, personal entertainment, and, in most cases, publication.

All materials will be copied to a digital form for patron viewing in order to preserve the original master.  Becuase most items have not already been copied we ask that you allow 5 days advance notice.

Students and the general public can view materials in the Special Collections reading room on Level 4 free of charge.

Personal copies of AV items are available for a fee.

People wishing to publish or broadcast materials from the collection must fill out the library's Permission to Publish form.  For profit broadcast also requires a use fee.  The Audio-Visual Archive also requires 2 copies of each complete work made using video or audio from the archive.

Donating to the Collection

The Audio-Visual Archive accepts donations of materials related to Utah and the Intermountain West.  We actively collect home movies, local corporate films, local radio and television, news, documentaries, sports, music and many other generes of material on most film, video and audio formats.  Within the AV Archive are the Ski Archive and the Utah Independent Film Archive.

Our focus is on rare and unique items, and rarely will we accept materials that are widely or commercially available.

Donors to the archive must submit a Deed of Gift form with the collection.  You may choose whether to sign the copyright of the material over to the library or whether to retain it yourself.

Special Collections is dedicated to preserving the historic audio-visual materials that you and your family create and collect.

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