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Campus Green Office Toolkit: Green Teams Summit, May 23, 2012

This guide is to provide campus green teams centralized access to resources including toolkit information, how-to instruction, and electronic materials.

Summit Documents


Event Highlights

Arnie Combe, VP of Administrative Services

GT Summit Opening Address

Green Teams Summitt, Opening Remarks. Vice President Combe thanked all the green teams, support staff from facilities management, purchasing, commuter services, the deans and directors who have supported green teams, and Mike Perez and Myron Willson for their efforts and continued dedication. He reminded us that the benefits of green teams are not just the environmental impacts but include attracting and retaining staff, faculty, and students who are the best and brightest talent, in addition to increased visibility in the community, region, and nation.

Arnie Combe, Vice President of Administration Services. Vice President Combe quoted the Energy and Enviromental Steweardship Initiative: 2010 Climate Action Plan, reminding us of the Unversity's committment to the creation of a sustainable campus and to "Create senior administrative support for the establishment of a Green Team in every campus department to act as the liaison between the department and the Energy Team and increase participation over time."

Dan McCool, Sustainability Curriculum

Amy Brunvand, Digital Scholarship Librarian, Marriott Library Sustainability Interns

Dr. Dan McCool, Director of Environmental & Sustainability Studies. Dr. McCool is Co-Director of the curriculum team that is working to further expand and develop the campus sustainability curriculum.

Amy Brunvand, Digital Scholarship Librarian, Marriott Library. As librarian and liason for the Environmental & Sustainbility Studies and Environmental Humanities programs here at the University of Utah, Brunvand is working with a team of faculty and interns to identify library resources and services to better support sustainability programs as they are being developed and expanded.

Library Sustainability Student Interns at Green Team Summit

Mike Perez and Barb Snyder at Green Team Summit

Marriott Library Sustainability Graduate Student Interns    (left to right): Emily Bullough, Jessica Breiman, Joshua Lenard.

Barbara Snyder, Vice President of Student Affairs & Mike Perez, Associate Vice President of Facilities Management.

Myron Willson at Green Team Summit

Food at Green Team Summit

Ashely Patterson, Outreach & Education Coordinator with the Office of Sustainability announced and rolled out a new Green Certified Event program at this year's summit.

Myron Willson, Director of Office of Sustainability, thanked everyone for their continued support of the Office of Sustainabiltiy and Green Teams as we work toward reaching the University's goal of Climate Nuetrality. Willson reminded us how important the support of administration, operations, and facilities are to creating a sustainable campus.

Food at Green Team Summit 2

The 2012 Green Teams Summit was the first Green Certified Event on campus.

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