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Campus Green Office Toolkit: Work in a Lab?

This guide is to provide campus green teams centralized access to resources including toolkit information, how-to instruction, and electronic materials.

Currently the University of Utah does not have a "Green Labs" program but that does not mean labs on campus can't work to improve energy efficiencies or improve environmental impacts. Just about everyone utilizes general office supplies when going about their daily work. When purchasing items such as pens, notebooks, paper clips, tape, and paper, choose products that contain recycled-content, post-consumer recycled content, plant fiber, or other ecofriendly materials.


Have a printer/copier? Choose paper that is FSC Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified and/or contains a minimum of 30% post-consumer recycled content.

Buying new equipment? Look for "Energy Star", EPEAT, and items that contain post-consumer recycled plastics.

Find your recycling bins. Most departments on campus have paper and cardboard recycling, and many others 

have bins to collect plastic, glass, and aluminum. Don't throw that soda bottle away, RECYCLE IT!

Here are links to resources and other institutions that have "Green Lab Programs". Explore and share what you learn!

Find a good resource and want to add it to the list? Email 

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