Finding Test Instruments (Health, Education, & Psychology): Step 2

This guide is for students, staff, and faculty looking for test instruments including classes such as HEDU 4300, ESS 4900, etc.

Health and Psychosocial Instruments (HAPI) Database

Search for evidence: Use Primary Source Limit in HaPI

  • Enter HAPI database through the link below:
  • Search for articles on evaluation and measurement tools, questionnaires, and test instruments.

The search below locates a questionnaire in a journal article that is available online.

Start in the Advanced Search interface:

  • Enter either a keyword search term in the box or a test name.
  • In the Source Code menu Choose: Primary Source (PS).
  • Note: Limiting to Secondary Source (SS) gives information about the test, rather than directing you to the test itself.

    The search limited to Primary Source locates, among other less relevant articles, the primary article: 

    • Click the   button to see if the University of Utah  has this article in full-text.
    • Luckily, this article is available online
    • The article, containing the questionnaire and crucial information: (1) scoring methods (2) how to administer the test- can be photocopied or scanned.




      Additional Information

      • You may not always be so fortunate to find the questionnaire you need within a resource owned by the University of Utah Libraries
      • You may choose BMDS Availability as a limit for your search. Behavioral Measurement Database Services (BMDS), the owner of HaPI, provides copies of some instruments for a fee. BMDS contact information is listed within the instrument record. It can usually be found at the end of the abstract for the primary source citation.
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