Finding Test Instruments (Health, Education, & Psychology): Step 3

This guide is for students, staff, and faculty looking for test instruments including classes such as HEDU 4300, ESS 4900, etc.

CINAHL- Cumulative Index to Nursing & Allied Health Literature

Search for evidence: Is the instrument in Nursing or Allied Health, or psychological or social areas?

CINAHL contains the full text of some tests!

  • Enter CINAHL with Full Text through the link below:
  • The search below locates contact information only for the revised edition of an instrument. The original instrument, which can be found in a journal (1961 Archives of General Psychiatry) article that the Library owns, is cited.

Searching for Back Depression Inventory (BDI):

Limit to

    From the results, choose:
    Beck AT. Steer RA. Beck Depression Inventory, Revised Edition (BDI). [Research Instrument] The Psychological Corporation, 555 Academic Court, San Antonio, TX 78204, 1971. (3 ref)
    • Although the test itself is not included, the description of the instrument includes telephone, fax, and mailing address for ordering BDI from The Psychological Corporation (the copyright owner).
    • Obtain BDI pricing by contacting The Psychological Corporation.
    • This is the revised instrument in current use and available for a fee.

    The Citations field for this CINAHL entry lists:

    • We have a copy of this original journal article by Beck et al. on depression inventory.
    • It is available online.


      • If you are looking for test names by category, try CINAHL subject headings:
        • Descriptive Statistics--Field Studies-- Functional Assessment-- Health Screening--Instrument Scaling--Instrument Validation--Patient History-Taking--Psychological Tests--Questionnaires--Scales.
        • For example, combine the CINAHL Headings Autistic Disorder AND Instrument Validation.
      • Use a subheading, such as "evaluation," with a subject heading such as Child Health: child health/ev.
      • Limit a subject search to Publication Type: choose Questionnaire/Scale.
      • Use the textword "reliability": combine with the test name for reliability studies.
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