Evaluating Information on the Web: HOW?

A guide with tips, strategies, and related resources that will help you evaluate information on the World Wide Web.


This video introduces you to the CRAAP Test -- a set of evaluation criteria for determining the credibility of online information.

Evaluating Information Using the CRAAP Test

A 5 minute video tutorial produced by librarians at Johnson-Wells University that also reviews the CRAAP test as well as important reasons why evaluating information found on the Web is important.


The Web offers a wealth of information, but not all of it is equally accurate or reliable. Evaluate and cite your sources carefully.

The CRAAP TEST provides useful concepts and questions to consider:


Currency  When was the information published/posted/last updated? 

Relevance  What is the importance of the information given your topic or information need? 

Authority  Who is the author/publisher/sponsor of the information? 

Accuracy  Is the information reliable, truthful, and correct? 

Purpose  Why does this information exist?

The CRAAP Test

View the video for an introduction to the CRAAP Test.

Open the following document for more details and strategies for applying the CRAAP Test.

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