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This guide provides an overview of resources and services available to innovators and entrepreneurs.

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What Can the Library Innovation Team Do for You?

The Library Innovation Team is comprised of librarians from the Eccles Health Sciences Library, the Marriott Library, and the Quinney Law Library. We can help you become a successful innovator and entrepreneur!

Information and innovation are a natural duo! Let the Library Innovation Team help you; we have a wide array of expertise and interests to effectively meet your needs, questions, etc.

*The Libraries Innovation Team sponsored and awarded Work Pumps at the 5th Annual Bench-2-Bedside competition.*


Did you know? We can help you....

  • find supporting evidence and literature,
  • brainstorm ideas with you,
  • prove there's a need or market for your idea/product,
  • use software to visualize your invention,
  • connect you to faculty, clinicians, or industry mentors,
  • help design a website,
  • find patent information,
  • effectively present your idea/device,
  • understand statistics,
  • manage citations,
  • navigate Intellectual Property (IP), copyright, and fair use,
  • help with computer and web-based programming
  • ... the list goes on! Just ask!


Did you know that 11 out 12 winning Bench-2-Bedside teams consulted the Libraries Innovation Team?

Here's a few testimonials of innovators and entrepreneurs on campus who we've helped!

"My entire journal began in the Innovation Scholars Class where Dave Morrison taught us about intellectual property, and then further agreed to teach me on-on-one how to search the United States Patent and Trademark Office database. This is literally when I conceived the idea for my company" -Alex Carr, former Innovation Scholar and current member of the Utah Foundry

"We established an online system to track team progress via the university's Instructure CANVAS. Team contact and submission have moved substantially smoother. Thank you to Jean Shipman and the Library Innovation Team for making this system possible." -Patrick Loftus, former President of Bench-2-Bedside.

"The project is going well and I have been able to find some very helpful articles. Thank you very much for helping me and providing the information you did, it was very helpful to my research." -Bench-2-Bedside team member

“The library and its resources have been an invaluable resource... [The librarians are] really positive and encouraging towards student innovation and on multiple occasions taught us how and where to find the information we needed… [they] were key in understanding the disease state fundamentals which was our springboard to creating a portable and cost effective therapy for the developing world that prevents precancerous lesions from ever turning into full blown cervical cancer.” - CinLuma, 2015 overall Bench-2-Bedside competition winner

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