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Gender Studies Program Library Newsletter: Fall 2013

Suggest a Purchase

The library has a new online form for you and your students to use to request any new materials you might need for your research. You may

  • Recommend books, subscriptions, or other materials, OR
  • Request that video or audio from the Marriott Library collection be made available through our streaming service

Or if you prefer, you may contact me directly with your requests. Remember, the library is here to help!

Want a Librarian to Visit a Course?

During the academic year, I regularly make class visits to different courses on campus to introduce students to research strategies and tools. If you're interested in either a classroom visit (or even multiple visits), a course-specific LibGuide, or both, please don't hesitate to ask!

Campus-wide Media Streaming Changes

When the library began offering media streaming services several years ago, there were limited options for purchasing streaming rights. Changes in the film marketplace and the legal landscape have compelled the university to reexamine its streaming services, particularly where copyrighted works are concerned. While full-length films can continue to be streamed through the library, as long as we have purchased the appropriate license, streaming licenses can be expensive. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of options that will allow you to continue to use film in your courses. Please keep in mind that streaming entire films or clips of films (other than of movies you make or have permission to use) is subject to appropriate security. 

For each film you're interested in having streamed, the library will complete a Fair Use Evaluation. If a film doesn't meet Fair Use guidelines, there are other options that will allow you to use the film in your course:

(1) Show the full-length of a movie during regular class time.

It is legal to show the full length of a movie during regular class time, where only enrolled students and the faculty member are present and in situations when viewing the movie in its entirety is required for the course.

(2) Use Video Streaming Services made available by the Library, University Information Technologies, and the Utah Education Network. The Library is now offering streaming video with these online databases:

These databases offer links to specific media that can be added to your Canvas sites for student access and also allow for the creation of clips and compilations that can be shared. All of these streaming databases can be located in the Media LibGuide or by searching for individual film titles in the search box on the library’s homepage.

(3) Use commercial avenues.

Instructors may send their students to commercial sources of films available for streaming such as Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, etc.

After searching various film providers for the film titles currently associated with the Media Streaming Service, we discovered that approximately 15% of the titles formerly streamed are available through on-­demand streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu Plus, and about 20% of the titles are available as a streaming rental or purchase from Amazon or iTunes. Costs for these options appear to be relatively inexpensive. If you have questions about the commercial availability of these resources, please contact Joni Clayton (801-­585-­9813).

(4) Use clips, rather than full-length films.

Contact Teaching and Learning Technologies (TLT) Video Services to have film clips created and added to your Canvas page (801-581-6112).

(5) Use traditional Reserves services.

Instructors may request that materials be placed on reserve at the Reserves Desk (2nd Floor, Marriott Library) for in-house viewing for up to one semester. You may make this request in person at the Reserves Desk, or you may use the online form. Media on Reserve or media materials purchased by the library can be viewed in the Knowledge Commons. If you'd like to organize film viewings for groups of students, you or your students can reserve a classroom through the online scheduler. Or you can contact me for assistance.

(6) Use the Media Streaming Service to stream full-length video for which you have appropriate rights or license.

Many films with the appropriate licensing may be streamed in full. Please contact Joni Clayton regarding the licensing of the media you wish to use for your course.

Or if you have created a film, consider adding a Creative Commons license so that you and others can use the film in courses. Allyson Mower, Scholarly Communications and Copyright Librarian, is happy to consult with you about selecting the most appropriate license for your works.

(7) Request a Fair Use Evaluation on a case-by-case basis.

Please talk about your specific requests with Allyson Mower.


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