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LEAP with Dr. White and Dale Larsen: Identity

This is a course-specific guide supporting Dr. Mike White's LEAP classes with librarian Dale Larsen

Identity Discussion (for better or for worse)

Not attributed or properly cited, but from:, Web. 6. Mar, 2013.

In a crowd of people, no two will have the same identity, but how do we describe it?  In class we'll have a discussion about this very thing so come prepared with ideas on what makes identity.  We'll also be taking those ideas into the beginning of research using:

Web/Wikipedia fact about your group identity

Library Catalog (E-Books and Print Books Only) fact about your group identity
Sociological Abstracts (Sociology) - quote about your group's identity
ProQuest Newsstand
(Newspapers) -quote from a member of group

An example of a great identity quote:

Huynh -- who changed his name to Tom Vial Huynh -- believes in working hard and seizing opportunities.

"I want to be a very good citizen, not a burden to people here," he said. "The first day, I came here. The second day, I went to work right away."

Manson, Pamela. "New West Valley City Councilman Traveled a Long Road to Public Office." The Salt Lake Tribune: n/a. ProQuest Newsstand. Nov 18 2011. Web. 1 Feb. 2012.

Identity Keywords and Ideas

a person's conception and expression of their own (self-identity) and others' individuality or group affiliations


Friends, Family

Ethnicity as a cultural background

Gender/sex/sexual orientation


Practices, Habits



Social class (socio economic status)

Possessions, stuff I own (also what I desire to own)


Body size, physical presentation

Education, the job I have (also what I aspire to do)

Language (native language speaker vs. barrier of non-native speaker)/regional accent

Adoption of identity (assimilation)

Rejection of identity (2nd generation) (iconoclasm)

political values

where I came from (who I was when I was younger)

who I aspire to be, even my unrealized dreams to become something

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