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A brief overview of the 3D scanner available for use in the Marriott Library Knowledge Commons

NextEngine 3D Laser Scanner

The scanner is a NextEngine 3D Laser Scanner.

Related Services

3D Printing

3D Printing is available to University of Utah students, staff, and faculty at the Student Computing Services (SCS) desk on Level 2 of the Marriott Library.

Visit the SCS desk to get started.

What is it?

A 3D scanner that allows users to create 3D digital models from physical objects is available to students, staff, and faculty at the Knowledge Commons on Level 2 of the Marriott Library.

The scanner is connected to a dedicated workstation and requires a few key components that must be checked out from the SCS service desk. These include:

      Autodrive - Turntable for wide and extended scans of objects.

      Multidrive - Two-axis turntable for close-up and micro scans of objects.

Optional "Part Gripper" components to aid in placing or securing an object to the turntables include:

      Stand - Elevates objects to place them in the optimal scanning postion

      Accessories Pack - Components to help secure small or odd shaped objects. 

Please be aware that the process is quite time consuming and can take anywhere from 30 mins to several hours depending on the number of scans taken to build the finished model.

Further Assistance

For assistance, please visit the SCS desk from 10am–2pm Monday through Thursday.  If you have questions, please contact the Marriott Library Knowledge Commons at 801-581-4808.


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