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Bioengineering: Finding other Library Resources



Encyclopedias are excellent starting sources for background information or overviews of a topic. From the essays, you are introduced to vocabulary terms, individuals and concepts. They also often contain short bibliographies that can lead you to additional sources.

Handbook and Manuals

Handbooks and Manuals

Handbooks and manuals are sources which provide quick reference to specialized information and data. Below is a list of a few of the most commonly used handbooks.  For additional handbooks search the Marriott Library Catalog.

Finding Books

Books about bioengineering and various sub-disciplines are found in both the Marriott Library and the Eccles Health Sciences Library. Try searching for the book in the Marriott Library's catalog. If your search is unsuccessful, perform the same search in the Eccles Health Sciences Library's catalog. Electronic books are found in both libraries.  To gain access to these e-books, search the library catalog and display the record of the desired book.  On the record is the URL which will take you to the full-text of the book.


This database is the product of merging of all the University of Utah libraries online catalogs (Marriott Library, Eccles Health Science Library, Quinney Law Library and the McKay Music Library).  Usearch lists the resources owned by these libraries including books (both paper copies and electronic books) journals and audio visual materials.  The recosrd tells where a book is shelved and whether it is checked out. For access to online books, if you are not using a campus computer, see Off Campus Access Information.


This database contains over 30 million records of any type of material cataloged by many U.S. and foreign libraries, including major research libraries and the Library of Congress. These records represent currently published materials as well as manuscripts written as early as the 11th century.


The Science & Engineering Library carries a full set of ASTM standards (updated every 3 years), IEEE standards (available at IEL Online/IEEE Xplore), the ANSI Boiler and Pressure Vessel Codes, SAE - J series standards (in the "SAE Handbook"), most ACI standards (in the "ACI Manual of Concrete Practice"), and a smattering of ISO and other standards. Visit the library's subject guide, Industry Standards, for more information and links to many standards issuing organizations.

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