NUTR 5850: Online Research Methods: Google Scholar

This guide is for Dr. Kathie Beals' online NUTR 5850class

Google Scholar

This tutorial describes how to use Google Scholar. Google Scholar functions similarly to the regular Google search interface, but returns scholarly articles  instead. At the bottom of the page is a video tutorial that describes the same process for researching using Google Scholar.

To use Google Scholar.


1. Go to the library homepage at and click on the Research Databases tab above the search box.

2. Click on G for Google Scholar. It is possible to access Google Scholar directly from a web browser, but accessing it through the library means that you will get full text access to the materials that the library owns.

G button on U of U libraries page

3. Scroll down on the results page and click on the title of the sixth database listed, Google Scholar

4. Once you are on the Google Scholar page, go to the Sign in button on the far right of the screen.


5. f you have a Google account, sign in now, or create an account. This will enable you to save your settings

6. Once you have signed in, click on the Settings box in the top center of the screen.

7. Click on the Library Links link on the left side of the screen, and search for University of Utah

8. Choose the Open WorldCat option and the two University of Utah options, and save your choices.

9. Now, enter your search in the search box.and click the blue search button. I am seaching for articles about the role of vitamins in nutrition for children. The asterisk at the end of a word stem allows me to find words with multiple endings. For example, child* will return results with the words child or children. The AND operators tell the database that I want to find results with all of these words, not just some of them.

10. The results screen shows the title and beginning of the abstract for articles that have been returned. before you start looking at article results, use the facels on the left side of the page to narrow down your results. You can click 2010 to get items published since 2010, or you can click on Custom Range to choose your own range. I recommend getting articles from the last five years, in order to make sure you have the most up to date information.

11. On the search results page, click on the title of any article to check it out. If there is a button that says Get It @ UU, you can often click there to go directly to the full text

12. If you click on the title of the article and  the article is available through the University of Utah, you will often be directed to a screen where you can see the full text.

13. If you cannot get the full text of an item through Google Scholar, contact Lorelei or Alfred for help, or fill out an Interlibrary Loan request. This guide describes how to use Interlibrary Loan if you have questions

Google Scholar Video Tutorial

Check out this great video tutorial by Sarah LeMire that describes how to use Google Scholar.

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