EndNote Basic and Desktop support: Downloading Book Citations

This guide describes how to access and use EndNote Basic, a citation management system, and gives a brief overview of the desktop versions of EndNote

How To Download Book Citations to EndNote

For book citations

a. Take your list of books to World Cat.  "Create a free account" so that you can create a downloadable list of books there.

b. Search for the first title and click on the book title link

            Search on world cat for harry potter

  • Check box next to your book, make sure the drop down lists "New List" and click "Save"

    Harry potter search result in worldcat.

c. Complete the creation of your new list.

            Making a list in worldcat.

d. Search for the other books on your original list and put each into your WorldCat list.

e. Open your list and go to Citations View

            my lists worldcat
  a list of my lists in worldcat

  • Citations View

    citations view of lists in worldcat

f. Choose format "as RIS" or "Endnote / Reference Manager" and export parameters.

  • Export parameters

    export as RIS in worldcat

g. Locate the file in your Downloads folder or, if you have a Notepad popup, save it to your desktop.

  • DownloadsOrExport file

h. In Endnote, "File" --> "Import" and find your WorldCat file.

  • Select "Import"
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