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Build Your Professional Profile & Network: Doximity

Tools and resources for building your professional profile online.

About Doximity

Doximity is an online social networking tool exclusively for physicians. Information is taken from AMA and NPI (National Provider Index), and over 30 other sources to prepopulate profiles for physicians across the country. With over 40% of US physicians as members of Doximity, this platform can be used to connect with colleagues to provide quality patient-centered care.

Use this tool to . . .

  • connect with other physicians
  • send HIPAA compliant communications
  • identify experts to refer patients to
  • earn CME credits

How this tool works!

As this tool is only for physicians, the first requirement for use is that you are a physician!

Go to Enter your name into the search boxes and click Find My Profile.

If your information has been pre-populated by Doximity, it will appear for you to select and verify.

If you're information isn't already in the Doximity database, select Don't see your name? and manually create a profile.

While a Doximity profile is free and easy to set up, verification of your credentials is required. You will be required to verify your identity through a variety of means, including faxing a copy of your medical credentials and sending emails from officially recognized medical institutions.


Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Network with physicians
  • HIPAA compliant communication
  • Earn CME
  • Free


  • Verification process
  • U.S. physicians only
  • Will likely become fee-based


Doximity does not sell, rent or share information to third parties. It has a very extensive privacy policy that includes details about your personal information, your information choices, and your obligations. For more detailed information, view the Doximity Privacy Policy.

Doximity Privacy Policy