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Build Your Professional Profile & Network: FigShare

Tools and resources for building your professional profile online.

About Figshare

Figshare is a repository that allows users to upload their data and make it shareable, regardless of the format. This includes papers, graphs, charts, illustrations, and many more. Figshare serves as the citing medium. Your shared data can be discovered by others, and vice versa.

Use this tool to...

  • discover new research
    • esp. negative data
  • avoid duplication of efforts
  • serve as an alternative repository for your work (secondary to your institution's repository)

How this tool works

Sign up for an account at Accounts are tiered: free accounts start with 1GB of space and allow up to 5 collaborators. Membership levels advance in allowable space, capacity, collaborators and price.

Sign up is simple and less in depth than the other tools mentioned in this guide.

Figshare utilizes Amazon AWS as its infrastructure. Backups are both completed by Figshare and Amazon's S3 technology.

You can read more about the technology behind figshare here.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Share your work in a way that current publishing models don't quite allow
  • Discover new research, including negative and unpublished data
  • Connect with enthusiastic peers with the figshare advisors program
    • Figshare advisors get additional incentives to promote the tool
  • Free membership comes with 1 GB of space


  • Should not take the place of an already established institutional repository
  • Tiered membership; limit on collaborators


You choose if you wish to have your data publicly available. The one exception is if your work is already uploaded into Figshare prior to joining. Don't worry, your identity wasn't stolen! Figshare simply has been stocked with open access data as a way to seed their repository.

Membership includes limited free space (1GB to 20GB) and unlimited shared space.