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OSTP Federal Agencies Sharing Research: Agencies Responding

Agencies Responding

Dept of Energy – Plan released October 2014
Public Access
Publishing: “The Department proposes to host, a portal and a search interface tool, the Public Access Gateway for Energy and Science (PAGES), to enhance the discoverability of unclassified and otherwise unrestricted scholarly publications resulting from DOE funding.”
Data Plan

Dept of Defense – Draft plan released February 2015
Public Access Plan
Publishing: “According to this proposed plan, formal regulations and issuances will be promulgated requiring authors to submit to the DoD public access archive system final peer reviewed manuscripts that meet the Prospective Scope criteria described in Section 2, once the manuscript is accepted for publication. In lieu of the final peer reviewed manuscript, DoD will accept the final published article, provided the author has the right to submit the published version. The OSTP memorandum directs that these final peer reviewed manuscripts be freely available to the public no later than 12 months following publication. In the implementation stage of this proposed draft plan, a new requirement will be included in the appropriate provisions for contracts, grants, cooperative agreements and any DoD intramural program.” The Defense Technical Information Center, DTIC will be creating and maintaining a database of publications for the DoD.
Data Plan: DoD Open Government Plan

Defense Health Program - Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs - CDMRP    
Policy on Sharing Data and Research Resources Scroll down to Resources and Reference Manual and then select Policy on Data & Resource Sharing
General Application Instructions Scroll down to Appendix 3 page 32 (pdf 32) for section on data sharing.
The CDMRP is following NIH data management/sharing guidelines
NIH Policy main page and data sharing guidance

Health and Human Services – Plan released February 2015
Open Government at HHS
Public Access 
Guiding Principles and Common Approach

National Institutes of Health Public Access Plan -Released February 2015

Food and Drug Administration Public Access Plan -Released February 2015

Center for Disease Control Public Access Plan -Released February 2015

Agency for Health Care Research and Quality Public Access Plan -Released February 2015

Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response Public Access Plan -Released February 2015

National Aeronautics and Space Administration – Plan goes into effect October 2015
NASA Plan: Increasing Access to the Results of Scientific Research

National Institute of Standards and Technology – October 2014
NIST Open Data Strategy Implementation and Processes

National Science Foundation
Public Access to Results of NSF-funded Research
NSF Open Government
Dissemination and sharing of Research Results
Public Access: Frequently Asked Questions
Biological Sciences Directorate (BIO) Directorate-wide Guidance
Computer & Information Sciences & Engineering (CISE) Directorate-wide Guidance
Education & Human Resources Directorate (EHR) Directorate-wide Guidance
Engineering Directorate (ENG) Directorate-wide Guidance
Geosciences Directorate (GEO) Directorate-wide Guidance
Mathematical and Physical Sciences Directorate (MPS)

Division of Astronomical Sciences
Division of Chemistry
Division of Materials Research
Division of Mathematical Sciences
Division of Physics

USAID – October 2014 – discusses depositing data to their repository, not a DMP
USAID’s policy on Development Data, known as Automated Directives System 579 (ADS 579).

US Dept. of Agriculture – plan goes into effect January 2016 – expect revisions in 2017
Implementation Plan to Increase Public Access to Results of USDA-funded Scientific Research
Publishing: "The USDA public access policy for scholarly publications will require that authors submit to the USDA public access archive system all final peer-reviewed journal manuscripts that meet the above criteria once the manuscript is accepted for publication. In lieu of the final peer-reviewed manuscript, USDA will accept the final published article, provided the author has the right to submit the published version. The USDA will ensure easy search and download of scholarly publications resulting from USDA funds without charge no later than 12 months following publication." PubAg

US Geological Survey  – Feb 2015
In response to the OSTP memo, the USGS is working toward agency-wide guidelines on data management plans and data sharing requirements. USGS already has guidelines for data management.

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
NOAA Environmental Data Management Wiki: includes procedural directives, metadata standards, a DMP repository, information on recent projects and workshops, and recent news.
Data Sharing Policy for Grants and Cooperative Agreements Procedural Directive: the official download page for the NOAA Data Sharing Policy for Grants and Cooperative Agreements Procedural Directive, which was first approved by NOAA's Environmental Data Management Committee (EDMC) on October 12, 2011.


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