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Utah Vital Signs: General Health

A guide to Utah's standing on state rankings - optimized for tablets and desktops


Percent Living Below Federal Poverty Level

Percent of Population with Food Insecurity

Average Monthly WIC Benefits per Person

Adult Asthma Prevalence

Prevalence of Obesity in Adults

Rate of Death due to Heart Disease

Prevalence of Diagnosed Diabetes

Diabetes Death Rate

Life Expectancy

Suicide Rate

Percent of Population Who Visit the Dentist

Rank or Percent

51st (lowest rank - 8% total under 100% federal poverty level)

31st (14.6% total population)

45th (36.40)

27th (9%)

49th (59%)

48th & 28th (men and women)

51st (7.1%)

45th (25.3 deaths per 100,000)

10th highest

3rd highest (21.39, age adjusted rate)

17th (68.4%)