Families and Health Block U

This is a course guide for Dr. Marissa Diener and Dr. Rebecca Utz's Families and Health Block U course.

Assignment 3

Your assignment for Day 3 is to create an EndNote Basic account, share it with me, Madison, Dr. Utz, and your team members, and add at least 5 sources from the databases we cover today. The worksheets below are for reference. You do not need to turn them in.

Database Tutorials

These databases are provided by the University of Utah and will guide you through your research.  Please see the following tutorials for in depth instruction in how to use them.

LLBA/Sociological Abstracts


Medline (EBSCO)


Proquest Databases

Google Scholar

American Factfinder

Citing Tables and Maps in American Factfinder

Online Databases

Marriott Library Eccles Library Quinney Law Library