Families and Health Block U

This is a course guide for Dr. Marissa Diener and Dr. Rebecca Utz's Families and Health Block U course.

How to use American Factfinder

American FactFinder provides access to censuses data relating to the United States' population, such as age, race, education, income, family size, language, and so on. You can compare data of a city to the state or national averages.
To use this database,
1. Go to the library homepage at lib.utah.edu and click on the log in button in the upper right corner. Sign in with your uNID and password

2. Click on the  Databases tab below the search box.


3. Click on the letter A.


4. Scroll down to American FactFinder and click on the red title link


5. When you get to the American FactFinder search screen, it offers you four main ways to help you find the data you are searching for:


6. Community Facts provides you easy access to quick information and data about the nation, or a state, county, city, town, or ZIP code.


7. Guided Search provides step-by-step guidance in your search for Census data.


8. Advanced Search provides you search through all of the data available in American FactFinder.


9. The Download Center offers information about downloading in American FactFinder.


10. One of the easiest ways to learn this database is by running a practice query. Using Advanced Search, we will find out three facts: the number of people with 65 years or over in Salt Lake City, the number of people in 65 years or over with a difficulty in vision in Salt Lake city and the number of people in 65 years or over in Salt Lake City with a difficulty in vision compared to similar populations in the state of Utah and the United States. So, on the Main Page, Click on SHOW ME ALL. 


11. In the new page, click on the Geographies on the left navigation button, then enter Salt Lake City city in the box, and click Go. 


12. Under Geography Name, select and click Salt Lake City, Utah. It will be saved to top left corner.


13. From the left navigation button, click on Topics, then, click on People, click on Age and Sex, and select Age.


14. Select and click on Age and Sex 2016. As a result: 10.4% of population will be 65 years and over.


15. By clearing the selected age and selecting the Disability from Topics, People and Disability, you also can find the number of people in the Salt Lake city with a vision difficulty. The result will be 1,557 people with a vision difficulty.


16. You can compare the people over 65 years and above with a vision difficulty in Salt Lake city with the Utah state and the United States by repeating the same process. The result will be: 8.0% in Salt Lake city, 6.2% in Utah and 6.6% in the United States.


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