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Metadata - Assigning Subject Headings and Names: Creating New Authority Records

A short overview of how to use the Library of Congress Name and Subject Authorities to assign headings in EAD files

Creating New Authority Records

Creating New Authority Records

You can also send information about a person to the Metadata section in advance and we can create an authority record.

Details to send include:

  • Full name if known
  • The form of name the person seemed to use most often
  • Dates of birth and death
  • Other biographical information that is likely to go into a summary in the EAD
  • Source of information, this will be cited in the NACO record

What individuals should have their own name authorities set up?

  • The individual for whom a collection is named, that is, the one primarily responsible for either the composition or collection of the archive being scanned.
  • Authors of journals, diaries, and other substantial texts within the collection.
  • Authors of letters sent to the archive’s central person, especially if there were numerous such letters.
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