Evidence Based Dentistry

ADA Center for Evidence-Based Dentistry

The Evidence Database Topic Index in the American Dental Association's Center for Evidence-Based Dentistry provides access to a curated collection of current systematic reviews, critical summaries and practice guidelines.

The Evidence Database is updated quarterly so it is possible that you will find a more current review if you search a continuously updated database like PubMed.

You should also turn to a database like PubMed when you do not find a review on your topic in the ADA's DSR. Search first for a systematic review and then for individual research studies.


The Cochrane Collaboration is an international, non-profit, independent organization that publishes systematic assessments of evidence of the effects of healthcare interventions. Cochrane systematic review authors follow a published procedure that has become the gold standard for systematic reviews of interventions. Cochrane Review citations are included in the ADA Evidence Database and are indexed in PubMed.

To learn more about how the Cochrane Collaboration works see the Cochrane Collaboration Newcomer's Guide.

Finding Evidence by Study Type in PubMed

Go to PubMed and enter your search words for the clinical question.

Finding Meta-analysis

  • On the results page, select Meta-Analysis under Article Types in the left-hand filters sidebar

Finding Systematic Reviews

  • On the results page, select Systematic Reviews under Article Types in the left-hand filters sidebar

Finding Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT)

  • On the results page, select Randomized Controlled Trial under Article Types in the left-hand filters sidebar

Finding Cohort Studies

  • Add Cohort Studies[MeSH] to the search words

Finding Case-Control Studies

  • Add Case-Control Studies[Mesh] to the search words

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