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Online Tutorials and Training: Embase

Use these online resources to learn more about specific subjects, gain greater searching expertise, and discover new tools and software.

Why Embase?

Embase is a crucial resource for discovering biomedical evidence within published, peer-reviewed literature, in-press publications and conference abstracts. Full-text indexing of drug, disease and medical device data - supported by Emtree - helps retrieve precise answers to search queries.

It is essential to use this database when searching for drug or medical device information, and when completing a systematic review. 

Get Started with Embase

Familiarize yourself with the layout and functionality of Embase.

Searching Embase for Medical Device Information

Embase includes a significant amount of medical device literature. This video shows you the best way to search for this information.

Designing Your Search

Get started with your Embase search, using these helpful tips to guide you.

Refine Your Search

Advanced techniques for refining your search results.

Using Embase for Systematic Reviews

Learn how to design your search using PICO and applying Emtree terms to optimize your results.