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Gerontology: Writing & Citing

This guide contains information for faculty and students in the field of Gerontology.

Tips for citing references

OWL | Purdue Online Writing Lab

The Online Writing Lab from Purdue provides an excellent guide to using MLA and APA citation styles.Use the menus on the left to find the resource type you're trying to cite.

APA Style (OWL)

MLA Style (OWL)

Tips for citing images and media

ClinicalKey  includes a presentation maker which provides citation. With a personal account, these presentation makers will export the multimedia and citation into a PowerPoint (PPT) file.


 Amirsys Reference Centers (Imaging and Pathology)

How to cite: Example:
Amirsys, Inc. (2013). Hypereosinophilic Syndrome Fig. 4. Retrieved from Amirsys Imaging Reference Center.

Citation management tools

When choosing a reference or citation manager tool, consider your team's preferences for teamwork productivity.  Consult with our library experts.

Where can I find style guides?

Writing assistance

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