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UAC Course and Discipline-Specific Research Education: WRTG 2010: Fall 2016

This guide hosts videos to address specific research guidance in courses and disciplines, as well as explict assignments, at the Utah Asia Campus.

Synthesis Assignment (Instructor Daniel Dixon)

The first instructional video is provided to you in order to reasonably manage how to move forward in the writing and research process.  This video will guide you in the first two steps in the research process, which is embedded in the writing process, as well.  We will focus on "choosing a topic" and "performing background research." This background research can actually help you choose a topic and give you new ideas, so sometimes you will perform both step one and step two simultaneously.


The second instructional video gives you an introduction on how to use the references page of an article (book, book chapter, presentation, etc.) to increase your research pool, which will have sources that you likely will not have encountered in other searches.  These references will often speak directly to the research questions and/or thesis/hypothesis/claim that you want to support.  This instructional video is an introduction, so keep in mind that with practice over time you will be able to lkocate more and more research using different avenues.

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