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Community Partners in Conservation Biology: Community Information

Research guide for student projects in Conservation Biology

Communtiy Stakeholders

Stakeholders are people and organizations who care about an issue and care about outcomes. For issues involving wildlife management, stakeholders might include:

  • Environmental groups
  • Hunters & anglers
  • Ranchers and farmers
  • Government agencies
  • Corporations and industries
  • Animal rights activists
  • etc...

Use Newspaper Articles for Community Research

Groups vow to fight proposed West Davis Corridor freeway. Davidson, Lee. Salt Lake Tribune, 9 May 2013.

  • Stakeholders are marked in  Yellow
  • Geographical Names: West Davis Corridor, Farmington, Great Salt Lake, Legacy Parkway
  • Note that UDOT (Utah Dept. of Transportation) "plans to release a study."  This is a document you could locate for more information.
  • Names of people in the article are people you could call up and talk to

spokesman John Gleason said UDOT still plans to release the study next week. But he said UDOT will then listen to public concerns before making any final decisions next year.
Community groups also argued a freeway would hurt and divide their neighborhoods.

"This is no Legacy Parkway ... It will not have any speed restrictions or restrictions on truck traffic, no restrictions on billboards, no sound-reducing pavement, no plans for sound walls, nothing. There will be many impacts," said Lori Kalt, president of the Save Farmington citizens group.
Heather Dove, president of Great Salt Lake Audubon, said the highway could directly affect more than 120 acres of Great Salt Lake wetland habitat, and "bisect the most common north-south flyway approach of numerous large birds. These are birds that need expansive open habitat for low-flight hunting, landing and take-off."

She said it could disrupt aquifers, create pollution from runoff and car exhaust. "It will result in large-scale devastating permanent impacts to critical Great Salt Lake shore land habitat, which will be irreversible into perpetuity. It will change forever the natural character of the Great Salt Lake."

Other groups that joined to oppose the freeway included: Citizens for a Better Syracuse, Attorneys for Clean Air and Environment, Great Salt Lake Alliance, Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment, University of Utah Student Clean Air Network, Western Resource Advocates, Utah Birders and the clean-air group Governor, We Cannot Breathe.


Sources of Local Information

  • Local Newspapers
  • Local research universities
  • State & local government
  • Stakeholder groups (newsletters, websites...)
  • Interview an expert
  • Geographic names to search scholarly literature
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