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Community Partners in Conservation Biology: Government Information

Research guide for student projects in Conservation Biology

Goverment Inforomation and Policy Research

Government information may come from any of the three branches of government:

  • Legislative (laws)
  • Executive (regulation)
  • Judicial (laws)

Research Strategy

  • Know what level of government is responsible to manage the geographic area or species you are studying (International, Federal, State, County, City/Municipal)
  • Search directly on the websites of the responsible agency or agencies.
  • Start with CQ Researcher for an overview of federal policy. Policy refers to the principles behind laws and regulation.
  • Ask a librarian for help.  Government information can be complicated to find.

U.S. Federal Government

State and Local Government

  • Use the Website to search for information from  state, county and city governments
  • Identify the office or agency that manages the area or species you are studying.
  • Large organizations like the University of Utah operate much like cities with administration in a management role and specific offices assigned specific responsibilities.

Google site search

Google site search often works well to find information from government websites.

  1. Find the URL for the website(s) you want to search.  For instance many government websites end in .gov    Utah government websites end in
  2. The site search pattern to find a keyword on a Utah state government website is; keyword
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