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Community Partners in Conservation Biology: Research Literature Review

Research guide for student projects in Conservation Biology

Research Literatue

The goal of a literature review is to document what we already know about a topic.

  • Books
  • Journal articles (especially look for review articles that summarize what has been published on a topic)
  • Reports from research groups at universities or government agencies



  • Use the library catalog, WorldCat or online booksellers.
  • If the library doesn't have the book you need, suggest a purchase or use Interlibrary Loan

Scholarly Journals


Find articles

  • Use Google Scholar to identify journals articles and major subject areas
  • Use library research databases, identified by subject area
  • Look at reference lists in other books and articles
  • Use Inter Library Loan to get a copy of anything the library doesn't have

Expand your search

  • Use citation searching to trace the influence of a book or article

Technical Reports


  • Online: Try research universities in the geographic area of interest
  • Online: sites for government agencies responsible for managing the area or species
  • Online: websites or citizen and stakeholder groups
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