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ArtsForce: Careers in the Arts
by Greg Hatch - Last Updated Nov 8, 2014
Resources and ideas to apply the skills and experiences you gain with your Fine Arts degree toward a successful career.
Copyright for the Fine & Performing Arts
by Greg Hatch, Allyson Mower - Last Updated Nov 18, 2014
This guide gives faculty and students--as practitioners of the arts--a working knowledge of their rights and responsibilities when it comes to copyright, and the fair use of copyrighted materials and others' works of art.
by Greg Hatch - Last Updated Dec 5, 2014
This guide provides links to basic theatre research: history, design, acting, production, scripts, videos, and careers.
What's New at Marriott Library: Fine Arts & Architecture
by Greg Hatch - Last Updated Oct 20, 2014
Information about recent acquisitions, subscriptions, services, equipment, and policies that will be of interest to College of Fine Arts and College of Architecture + Planning faculty, staff, and students.