Communication: COMM 3190

Intercultural Communication, COMM 3190

If you can pronounce it correctly, (KEE-NIN),
you're welcomed into the club.

Looking for a social issue that is reported on through American media and their international counterparts portraying a specific cultural group or interactions between two cultural groups?  Are you doing a case study of a specific subculture, counter-culture, or movement? 

Well good!  You're in the right place!  Note: this is intended to accompany a librarian-taught research lab session.  If you're coming to this cold and would like more help, just contact me for an appointment -I'll even entertain a group of you- at

Media Analyses (and Good Places to Start)
   Communication & Mass Media Complete (CMMC)
   Film and Television Literature Index
   Academic Search Premier

Cultural and Societal
   Sociological Abstracts

Library Catalog everything! (lots of e-books too)

Newspapers - (not academic/scholarly, but full of good rhetoric on all sides of an issue)
   ProQuest Newsstand
   Access World News
   Ethnic NewsWatch
   New York Times Historical Newspaper
   Alternative Press Index [TRIAL]

MEGA Scholarly -All Academic (almost) All the Time
   Arts and Humanities Citation Index [Web of Science]

Images (photographs, art, graphics, etc.) -from our easily citable resources
   AP Images

Help with APA Citations

How do I cite something in APA style?


My favorite web resource (very reliable):

Or see my quick guide below

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