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Articles We Are Reading

August 19 Readings at

Section 3 Scientific Infrastructure from The Fourth Paradigm: Data-Intensive Scientific Discovery

A New Path for Science

Robin and Alfred
Beyond the Tsunami: Developing the Infrastructure to Deal with Life Sciences Data

Daureen and Tawnya
Multicore Computing and Scientific Discovery

Allyson and Amy
Parallelism and the Cloud

Michael and Lisa
The Impact of Workflow tools on Datacentric Research

Mark and Robin
Semantic eScience: Encoding Meaning in Next-Generation Digitally Enhanced Science

Robert and Rick
A Platform for All We Know: Creating a Knowledge-Driven Research Infrastructute

August 12 Readings at

For everyone
Gray's Laws: Database-centric Computing in Science

Section 4 Scholarly Communication from The Fourth Paradigm: Data-Intensive Scientific Discovery

Robert and Clint (tentative)
Jim Gray's Fouth Paradigm and the construction of the Scientific Record

Daureen and Rick
Text in a Data Centric World

Allyson and April
All Aboard: Toward a Machine-Friendly Scholarly Communication System

Tawnya and Michael
The Future of Data Policy

Lisa and Amy
I Have Seen the Paradigm Shift, and It is Us

Robin and Mark
From 2.0 to the Global Database

August 5  readings at

Challenges and Opportunities of Open Data in Ecology by O. J. Reichman et al.
Climate Data Challenges in the 21st Century by J. T. Overpeck et al.

Challenges and Opportunities in Mining Neuroscience Data byH. Akil et al.

Rescue of Old Data Offers Lesson for Particle Physics A. Curry
May the Best Analysis Win by J. Carpenter
More Is Less: Signal Processing and the Data Deluge by R. G. Baraniuk
News Focus: Will Computers Crash Genomics? by E. Pennisi
Daureen and Allyson

Metaknowledge by J. A. Evans and J. G. Foster
Policy Forum: Measuring the Results of Science Investments by J. Lane and S. Bertuzzi

July 29th readings at
For everyone -
Challenges and Opportunities by Science Staff
Editorial: Making Data Maximally Available by B. Hanson, A. Sugden, B. Alberts
The World's Technological Capacity to Compute, Store, and Communicate Information by M. Hilbert and P. López

Amy and Tawnya
Changing the Equation on Scientific Data Visualization by P. Fox and J. Hendler
News Focus: Drag-and-Drop Virtual Worlds by R. Service

Advancing Global Health Research Through Digital Technology and Sharing Data by T. Lang
Robrt Behra

Ensuring the Data-Rich Future of the Social Sciences by G. King
Lisa and Rick

Access to Stem Cells and Data: Persons, Property Rights, and Scientific Progress by D. J. H. Mathews et al.
On the Future of Genomic Data by S. D. Kahn

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