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A guide with tips, strategies, and related resources that will help you evaluate information on the World Wide Web.

Video overview

This is a short video introducing you to the Evaluating Information on the Web library research guide.

Evaluating the Credibilty of Online Information

This presentation (no audio) is a learning module for Evaluating the Credibilty of Online Information -- as well as an overview of the contents of this research guide.

(C. McDade, 2011)

Evaluating information on the Web

Welcome to the library research guide for Evaluating Information on the Web.

Under the various tabs of this guide, you will learn:

  • WHY evaluation is important 
  • HOW to evaluate information

You will also find a PRACTICE exercise to test your evaluation strategies and links to OTHER GUIDES & RESOURCES for evaluating information on the Web.

I'm available to answer any questions you may have -- please contact me directly or use the "Ask a Librarian" buttons below.

Happy researching!

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