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Fake News and Media Literacy

Help with research

"Obama Celebrates Last Christmas as President by Banning Baby
Jesus from The White House." America's Last Line of Defense, 
the Accessed 26 Mar. 2017.

Student research work can be a healthy mix of authoritative/credible open-web resources combined with the more traditional things that academic libraries provide.  Here's a list of recommended sources when combing through activities related to news, information & media literacy.  

Ask a librarian, we would love to help out with your work!

ProQuest Newsstand Many hundreds of United States newspapers (including Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret News) dating back twenty years.  Great for searching out evidence of "did he really say that?"

Access World News Again, hundreds of papers, but this time with a strong international collection.  What does fake news mean in the Ukraine? Or in Saudi Arabia?

CQ Magazine and CQ Researcher  Created and run as a journalism resource showing multiple sides of U.S. issues, especially under review for action via legislation & policy review.  Fantastic resource for students in general.

Communication & Mass Media Complete The scholarly arm of the study of communication studies and analysis.

Worldwide Political Science Abstracts In addition to all the resources above this may offer insight into how media and the democratization of information has changed the political world we live in over the past decade (and past few months).

Sociological Abstracts (Dale Larsen's note: somehow, some way, this database has always been a major source of insightful finds for me and I can't help but recommend it now :-)

SCOPUS and Web of Science  Important: multidisciplinary and massive -sort your search results by "number of times cited" and your literature reviews and search for high impact articles will be easier (note: the list on the above-right was created this way)

Marriott Library Catalog
perform a keyword search -then sort by "books"
suggested keyword search (cut and paste and customize to your search)

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