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Hi! We've created this course guide specifically to help you in your exploration of topics in the Humanities as they intersect with the Visual and Performing Arts. As the year progresses, we'll add instructional videos for you to watch before attending a library session. We'll also provide links to find resources in library catalogs, article databases, image databases, digital collections, and recommended free websites, which you can come back to all year long.

Please, feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or want to make suggestions for additions and corrections to this guide.

Luke Leither (, Fine Arts & Architecture Librarian

2010-2011 LEAP Student Quote

"In LEAP last year, I learned about a lot of new resources including EBSCO, ERIC, Google Scholar, and many books and databases that the library has access to. These sources are appropriate for college use. In high school, I used sources like Google and occasionally even Wikipedia (even though I knew I shouldn't). These sources are NOT valid enough to use as college sources. The sources we use for college papers should be scholarly, peer-reviewed, have a bibliography, etc. to be sure they are reliable. I think encouraging students to use the library resources and take the library sessions seriously can really help. Although the library sessions weren't the most fun days of class, they were beneficial for me last year not only for my LEAP class but several others, and I will be sure to use them in the years to come. I am very grateful for those library sessions now! "

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