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University of Utah Library Guides

Information and Resources on Free Speech and Academic Freedom at the University of Utah

Use this guide to find relevant University policies and information about free speech and academic freedom as well as committees and groups that help in these areas.

Freedom of Speech and Assembly

Section III.A of Policy 1-007

Members of the University community shall have the right to freedom of speech and assembly without prior restraint or censorship, subject only to clearly stated, reasonable, and nondiscriminatory rules and regulations regarding time, place, and manner.

University Resources for Inclusion and Education (URISE)

URISE is a team of University of Utah faculty, staff, and students who serve as a resource for the campus community about civil dialogue across all areas of campus.

Committee on Student Affairs (COSA)

COSA consists of University of Utah students and faculty and develops and implements policies pertaining to student life including the Student Code of Rights and Responsibilities (6-400)

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