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A guide to using the Federated Utah Research and Translational Health e-Repository.


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For help using the FURTHeR interface, please contact:

For technical support, please contact the FURTHeR Help Desk.

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The FURTHeR Team has set up a system for submitting ideas about future FURTHeR development.  The Ideas site allows you to submit your own ideas, as well as commenting and voting on the ideas of others.


Welcome to the training guide for the Federated Utah Research and Translational Health eRepository.

Training workshops for FURTHeR are currently be offered by request.  Email Darell Schmick at to set up a date/time.

What is FURTHeR?

The Federated Utah Research and Translational Health e-Repository (FURTHeR) is the informatics platform designed to integrate the considerable research resources at the University with the three major healthcare delivery networks in our state (the University of Utah Health System, Intermountain Healthcare, and the Salt Lake City Veterans Administration Medical Center), as well as the Utah Department of Health.  The collaboration covers over 85% of the State’s clinical data and nearly 100% of state-wide public health data.  This extensive collection of data is being integrated with Utah’s unique genealogical and demographic resource, the Utah Population Database, and enhanced with genotypic data as information from CCTS biobanks comes online.  The result will be a platform for translational training, research, and innovation, with a particular strength in the genetic basis of disease. 

The architecture of FURTHeR is designed to federate the disparate data sources in a virtual, state-wide repository accessible through a web-based portal to researchers, clinicians, and community partners.  The portal will allow users to “discover” available resources, construct meaningful queries, view results, and create result “sandboxes” for deeper data analysis.  Designed with scalability and connectivity as key architectural requirements, FURTHeR uses informatics and industrial standards throughout, while enforcing privacy protections through integration with our CCTS Ethics Core.  Security measures will allow authenticated users to access various resources and levels of data according to a user’s access rights.  The FURTHeR architecture is meant to be open and sharable among our partners, other CTSA institutions, and interested researchers.

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Darell Schmick
10 North 1900 East
Salt Lake City, UT 84112

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Technical Support

For Technical Support, contact the FURTHeR Help Desk at